Me and my space

  • I am Nani Courten
  • I am a software engineer in the daytime, with a degree in Computer Engineering from UMBC and a master’s in computer science from Columbia University. I worked at Microsoft and, blah, blah, blah,…


  • I’m very much a scatter brain. So, I have to keep my space organized to keep me from forgetting my own head.
  • I have always created functional and inviting spaces in my home without compromise.
  • My spaces were always comfy, relaxing and clutter free.

Beginning of disorder...

  • Then came marriage, still good, then the baby carriage. Then out went the order and in came clutter…
  • After having a family, I struggled to get my space under control.
  • My once clutter free space began to get overwhelmed with stuff; baby stuff, toys, contraptions, delivery boxes, take out containers and the list goes on.


  • It was hard to focus when I walked into the house because so many things were calling for my attention.
  • The entry way just had loads of boxes and mail, that needed to be sorted every day.
  • It was hard to find even simple things like keys.
  • I lost track of our filing system, so papers were everywhere.
  • I didn’t even want to have people over. Socializing and hosting had been a big part of my life before that.
  • Long story short, my home became stressful.


  • Anything sound familiar??

Road to Solution

  • Over the past few years I have been working through our space one issues at a time.
  • I spent time reducing our stuff, re-organizing, even moving just to get to a space and a layout that made me feel that sense of peace and calm.
  • I read multiple organization & decluttering books.
  • Favorite was Marie Kondo. She helped to change my mindset and reduce my closet by at least 1/3
  • I did a lot of online research for simple things like folding, to complicated things, like laying out our space.
  • I also called in professionals when I got really stuck, or just needed help getting to the finish line.

Our Outcomes

  • Now, our space is working much better for us.
  • I walk into my home feeling much happier. There are not so many things calling for my attention.
  • I can unpack more quickly and get to hugging the kids that swarm me.
  • It’s much easier to find things, much easier to tidy up.
  • I’ve somehow reduced my amazon shopping by like 80%, saving us lots of money.
  • We’ve even created new spaces that help us relax and get things done.

Ahhaa moments

Along the way, I had 3 big realizations:

Realizations 1 – No real system that tackled creating a great space from beginning to end

Decluttering was just the beginning, it really was a 4 stage process: decluttering, organizing, maintenance & rejuvenation.

Realization 2 – There was no one source to help me with the process

I had to go to multiple sources to get different types of help: books for instruction, online for ideas, family for support and Professionals for when I really got stuck.

Realization 3 – Lots of people have this issue

I noticed how so many of my friends also had homes overtaken by stuff. Some had no space for dinner on the dining tables, no kitchen counter space or no space to even sit when guests came over. Once I started telling them I was decluttering, at least 5 of them started doing the same thing and started reaching out to me for help.

The Program

  • If I needed help, then a lot of other people need help as well.
  • I decided to package everything I’d learnt and create workshops and programs to help you create your best space

Why not a professional organizer?

  • Except you are willing to pay for a lot of hours, they are only there per session and you need to continue the work there after.
  • You get some information & assistance, but not the consistent help and support you need.
  • It could also be expensive.

Why not Self help?

  • You read the books start to do the work.
  • But without the right support, you lose motivation and may never finish.
  • You also end up with lots of questions and limited answers.

What our programs include

  • They include:
    • Systemized approach to creating your best space
    • Action Plans, Worksheets and checklists to help keep you on track
    • Tons of built in support to keep you motivated and keep the momentum going
    • Professional & crowd sourced solutions
    • Lots of Resources (not an overwhelming amount, but there when you need them)
  • We’ve also researched the top reasons why people fail at decluttering and guarded against them.

I have personally not found anything this comprehensive.

Hopefully, we'll see you in one our workshops or programs soon!

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