new-year-121v_40Two people were watching a man walk a tight rope at a great height. One said to the other “Why do you think they say don’t look down?”. The other said, “Because, looking down is scary and you and you may fall out of fright”. The first person said “No, it’s because where you look, your body follows”.


This rule in true in many sports. In golf, they tell you to keep your eye on the ball if you want to hit it. In basketball, they tell you to aim for the square to make the basket. While cycling or skiing, you are told that to avoid running into objects focus your attention around the object and not on the object itself, you are taught to focus on the solution and not the problem. Some people go as far as calling it a law of nature, because your body seems to follow where you focus whether you want it to or not.


This philosophy is also true in life. Focusing on a problem seems to magnify that problem in your life, but focusing on a solution seems to diminish it. Those who focus on the past are said to dwell in the past, but those that focus on the future tend to move forward. Focusing on what you want out of life tends to get you closer to getting it.


All this gave me an idea for the new year. It makes sense that we identify our goals for the year and make sure that we keep our focus on them all year long. It doesn’t matter what we think or whether we believe we can accomplish them or not. Since our bodies follow whether we want to or not, all we have to do is make sure we focus on them and they will more likely come to fruition.


For some reason, I felt a sense of liberation when contemplated this thought. I felt that since we make choices everyday, keeping our eyes on our goals meant that we will more likely make choices in support of them, moving us towards them, instead of choosing away from them.


So, in the spirit of the new year, I’m going to:

  • Contemplating what I want to accomplish in the new year
  • Write down my goals.
  • Find a place to post them where I can always be reminded of them.


And we’ll see how the year turns out.


Good luck with 2014 and may all our dreams come true!