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Hi Lappolis,

This is the longest I have gone without writing something on the blog. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get it together enough to find something to share.

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I have been on another journey, one more spiritual in nature and I wasn’t sure what to share or how to share it. I just focused on the journey. Lappolis was still close to my heart, wondering how I was going to get back, but also knowing that what I needed to share will come to me in time.

In the meantime, I filled my blog lust by following my friend Michelle on her blog, ‘the non linear path‘, that better mirrored my current path.

During this time, I was asked to give 2 sermons. For those that know me, especially my family, this is laughably ridiculous. Because I am not a religious person, per say. I started calling them ‘talks’ instead of sermons to make it sound less ridiculous to myself. My husband graciously recorded them, so I’ll share the audio soon.

During this time, also, I took 4 weeks of personal time off work, plus one week for vacation. That was also interesting. I’ll be sharing my experience with that soon, as well.


Wellness Journey

Even though I referred to it as another journey, my spiritual journey is still a part of my wellness journey. In fact, at this moment, it is the most pivotal part of my wellness journey. I don’t see how anyone on a wellness journey could end up anywhere else, but on a spiritual one.

They say curiosity killed the cat, I say, it was the cat’s time. Because it was the cat’s time curiosity could kill it. While it is not your time, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Curiosity leads you to experiences that makes you stronger to live a deeper more divinely lead life.



8 Pillars of Wellness

Wellness takes many forms, 8 for us here at Lappolis.



My journey has covered these areas roughly in this order:


Physical Wellness

It started here. Being dissatisfied with my body in its’ current form and wanting to optimize my health. I started to exercise and wanted to build exercise as a habit. I started to improve my diet and the way I ate to the best of my ability. Sometimes I succeeded, and other times, even though I did the right things, I still gained weight. Sometimes, I self-sabotaged when I was making gains. To truly sustain physical wellness, I needed to go deeper…


Occupational Wellness

During this time, I started to face the dissatisfaction I had in my job. I didn’t understand it or know how to get out of it. I eventually, through divine intervention, found my way out and into a job that I loved. I no longer dreaded Mondays which were now like Saturdays.


Financial Wellness

Even though I had a job I loved and more money, I was still financially insecure. Even with more and more money, my insecurities were growing instead of waning. I realized that financial stability may have less to do with money and more to do with my thinking and my state of mind. I started studying ways to change my views on money and better align my money with my values.


Emotional Wellness

Then I realized that even with success in some areas, there was still some dissatisfaction. And I was also still prone to depressive days and sadness. I started to work on renewing my mind, dialing back the sources of negative thoughts and amplifying the positive ones. I started to get emotionally stronger and talk myself off the mental ledge better. I was also able to help others better.


Intellectual Wellness

Intellectually, I started encouraging myself to try new things or start to learn new skills I’d been wanting to cultivate. I also encouraged myself to find more time to deepen my knowledge even in my current career and make learning and career development a part of my job.


Environmental Wellness

My space was a big part of my wellness. We lived in a place that didn’t quite work for me. There was not enough natural light. The layout of the space just didn’t work for me. I invited fewer people over, I felt dissatisfied when I walked into my home… We then moved into this new place that totally flowed better. I started caring about the look of my home again and have been able to create a warmer home environment. I now walk into my home with a smile.


Social Wellness

With the improved space, I felt comfortable inviting people over again. Now, we have so many people over and it’s great. We have them over for brunch, dinner or for a few days, even weeks and months. I like the way they feel when they come in and the gratitude when they leave. I like that my kids are meeting different people coming in from different places. And these interactions have made our lives a lot richer.


Spiritual Wellness

It all boils down to this. Every stage of wellness had a little bit of a spiritual journey built-in. As I tried to improve different aspects of my life, I asked questions and got back answers that helped me know God more. I’ve started to learn about God through my kids, through my interactions with others, and through the creativity of others. I’ve also been learning about God through life’s challenges, all my mistakes and even through the negative people I had once tried to avoid. I discovered that God could teach me through pretty much anything and I started to learn about God everywhere, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the bitter or the sweet. God is in everything because he created everything.