We live in an apartment. My husband and I like the city life. We have always lived in condos in downtown areas in whatever city we’ve been in. We like building services, jumping on public transportation to go to work and having many places we frequent within walking distance. We like being able to have guests over and not have to drive them everywhere, at the same time very easily entertain them.


Ideally, we’d be in NY, but lets just say we are ‘compromising’.


For our kids, so much is close by. They go to different playgrounds in the neighborhood daily, sometimes the public library, Gymboree (a nearby indoor playground) especially in winter, and downtown with lots of kids concert in the summer. We are so excited about the bigger better library opening up this June, can’t wait!


I know, I know! “What! No house with a yard? How much is your rent? What! What about the kids?…”. All that is for a different conversation.


We are very lucky with our current space, to have a large living area. I’m enjoying recreating each space for wellness, I call it “Welling up the space”. So far, the spaces I’ve worked on include the entry way, living room, dinning room, play area and now, the balcony.



Summer is upon us and I wanted our balcony to be more like another room, an extension of our living area to the outdoors. So far, I realized that to really bring a space to life, you have to bring nature in, even if it is just through flowers. I am using the balcony to bring as much life to our space as possible.


It was initially just a large area with a concrete floor. Below are before and after pictures and highlights of the changes we’ve made so far.



Keep in mind, my home is not some HGTV special, so please let’s keep expectation low…



Before & After Garden Section

Before & After Garden Section

Before & After Lounging Dining area

Before & After Lounging Dining area



Highlights of the changes we made



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Everyone loves the space. My kids are out there a lot; it’s an extra play area for them. We have dinners there, or just lounge. We clean up bird poop and water the plants regularly, lol. It’s also cost saving (somewhat). I don’t have to buy the herbs I grow and soon the tomato and pepper plants will pay dividends.



For those with little ones:

  • Bird seeds fell in the planter and sprouted. We just plucked and ate them. People pay good money for sprouts.
  • Bench was against the wall and not against the railing, so no one could climb and…
  • Table is tucked away and blocked with a chair.
  • Tried to keep edible plants on the ground since kids can reach those, (credit: mum)
  • Stickers on the glass door leading into the balcony, so we know when it is closed, less bumped heads (credit: mum)
  • Nothing that can fit through the railings is generally put on the balcony.


Hope you enjoyed it, let me know!