2014! An interesting year to say the least.


Every year has been interesting for me since 2010, but 2014 has been particularly characteristic. There was a certain theme that seemed to run through the lives of a lot of people.


The beginning of the year, I’ll describe as ‘turbulent‘. The happenings in people’s lives seemed to be as drastic and as harsh as the winter.


I saw people thinking their life was one way, and in the cause of a day, their lives were a whole ‘nother way, due to circumstances out of their control. Some travelled for a short trip, but due to events, got stuck out of town for an extended period, helping others in seemingly more tragic situations. Some have still not returned home after almost a year. Someone left Seattle and got stuck in California helping someone that got a heart attack, another left Maryland and got stuck in Jersey helping someone injured in an accident, another left the US and got stuck in Africa helping someone who was paralyzed.


I saw people who felt they had employment, but due to no fault of their own, just pure weirdness, their position was cut. For some people, this happened, not once, but up to 3 times within the cause of a couple of months.


I saw people bear tremendous loss, get through that, only to have another loss to contend with. I saw people who felt they finally had it all together, only to have the core of their stability kicked out from under them, creating a tremendous amount of uncertainty.


I was hoping that with the coming of spring, lightness will return. It did eventually, but not without some more upheaval. Not without loss of lives, job losses, insecurity and financial instability.


But, through all that, 2 things


Thing 1:

We all grew, I grew. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I wanted to just run away. But in the end I stepped up and dealt with my circumstances, learning the lessons I needed to learn from the experiences. I got clearer, I got mental shifts. I discovered strengths and abilities I didn’t know I had. And I got better at being there for others.


Thing 2:

In the same year, I saw a lot of goodness, the birth of children, the return of some certainty to areas that had been a little chaotic … I saw such grace and such strength in others as they dealt with their own challenges. I saw wealth grow and balance return to certain people’s lives. I saw people conquer seemingly insurmountable odds and thrive.


After we grew, after we learnt our lessons, there was a turn, we found ourselves on another level, on a higher plain. We had come out on top and there was just no going back. It’s all behind us as we move forward into the future. It was like the feeling you get when you are flying through turbulence for a while and then the clouds clear and everything starts to settle, and then [gasp], is that a rainbow?



It was great! By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, there was a lot to be thankful for. We were approaching the end of the year on a high note.


I prayed that Dec will bring even more goodness to people lives. But I must say, so far so chaotic. A seriously mixed bag of extreme goodness and badness and it was only the 3rd of the month. It’s now mid-December though and I’m feeling ready and excited about the new year, and the abundance to come…




Lord, may this month be filled with even more blessings than all the 11 months combined.




And may 2015 bring the calm after the storm and the rainbow. The moments of celebration, happiness, abundance and all the goodness life has to offer.




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!