I wrote this before Margaret’s story, in support of so many women I know. This is the season for my generation and I am getting to understanding the different paths people have to take to parenthood. I wrote the piece in support of all of them.




For every woman that wants a child, no matter how they go about getting to that point, we all walk through the valley of shadow of death. We all go through some kind of pain, some kind of trial.


For some it was through a planned pregnancy; some easy, some difficult, some serious morning sickness, vomiting, sore ankles, extreme fatigue, bed rest, terrible skin and a body leaving much to be desired.


For some, it was a big accident, oops! And we had to find a way to come to terms with it.


For some miscarriages, oodles of doctor’s appointments, in vitro, including failed attempts.


For some they had to overcome illnesses first, like PCOS or had fibroids taken out. For others their partners had to endure some painful process.


For some, they had to face their physical limitations and find alternatives. Seeking adoption in the same country or in some foreign land. Some found surrogates.


Some of us had kids thrust upon us by the loss of close relative or friends. Some of us have had to step up to the plate when someone we knew could not, or someone we didn’t know.


For some of us a mix of some of the above. Some of us are still on our journey.


For some, the journey proved too tough.


We all walk through some valley of shadow of death.


But, however we get to that point, no matter the journey, once you have that child in your arms, all is forgotten. You let go of all you went through.


At the end of the day you are left with a precious being and are at the beginning of a whole new journey.


Good luck!