Touch was something I never really appreciated. To be honest I hated being touched and generally avoided personal contact with others. I guess there was some significance to it, if I went through the trouble of avoiding it.



Until right after labor with my second son. The child birth was a drug free process, so I had the privilege of feeling EVERYTHING. I had no residual epidural that could help numb pain like the first time around.

After the trauma of childbirth, they handed my son over to me and I started to feed him. To my bewilderment, I felt intense contractions that mimicked labor pains. “Holly S!@#, I thought that part was over…” They explained that my body had begun the process of healing, the more I fed and nursed my child, the more contractions I would feel.

What!! So the more I connected with my child, the more pain I’d feel? (One of the ironies of parenthood). I didn’t even have to feed my baby to feel this pain, just holding him close, having him on me caused these contractions to well up. At the same time, the more I nursed, the better it was for him, and me as well I guess because that all helped my uterus shrink back down to normal size.



This was when I finally started to respect the power of touch. If the touch of a mother and child could cause such deep metaphysical reactions, I wonder what else touch can do??

What happens when we touch each other? What does the touch or the presence of a loved one do? Can that be healing, both psychologically and physically? What about the touch of someone you do not like? That usually causes one to repel, right? Some people radiate so much love, that their touch is healing, just being in their presence is healing.

I remembered how I feel when I hug my son goodnight, or the first time my husband touched me. Touch is a way to transfer energy from one being to another, it’s like another way to communicate. We are all life forces.


Massage Therapist story

Actually, this reminds me of a story a friend told me of a massage therapist who did a triathlon. After the run, she immediately started helping people she saw in pain and did not do some preparatory thingy massage therapists do to help prevents them from absorbing all the bad energies from the people they massage

After massaging a few people in agony, she all of a sudden started balling out in uncontrollable tears. She had absorbed so much energy from all these people in pain. That story makes a little more sense now.



I can no longer take for granted visiting someone in the hospital, or just even showing up and being there for someone. You don’t even have to say anything, but just showing up for someone else makes a difference in their lives. I will also no longer take a hug or a kiss for granted. Those things are a lot more precious to me now.


Quote by Leo Buscaglia. Source

Quote by Leo Buscaglia. Source