Something impossible happened last year, we bought a home. It may not seem like a big deal on its own until I tell you how exactly this happened.

It’s a very personal story, but I’ve found myself telling people when I hear them determining their lives in logical terms. Cause, I’ve learnt in 2016 that:

If you define your life based on logic, then life is limited, but if you leave it up to the unknown, the universe, the divine, God, then life becomes limitless and the impossible becomes possible.


Our state

By March this year, our family had actually managed to save some significant amount of money after over 5 years of crazy financial roller coaster rides. It seemed like every time we had made progress in the past, some phantom problem showed up and took it all away.

This time was no different. From March to July a series of things happened that started to make us first unable to grow and eventually edged away at our savings till about 1/3 of it was left.


Our Regret

During this time, a property I had been eyeing came on the market. A few year before, I had wanted us to rent it anticipating that the owners will want to sell soon enough, but my husband wasn’t as keen. Now it was on the market for top dollar and we were in no position to buy. I found myself being angry with him, then with myself really for not jumping on the opportunity years before.

Still pining for our loss, I remember whining seriously to a friend in her new McMansion, telling her that: “Look, I am very smart. I know a lot about money, investing, residual income, growing & retaining wealth… If destiny is based on knowledge, then I should be super successful today. If there is one lesson I need to learn this year, it is that we are not in control, at least my knowledge does not determine my destiny.”


My Contemplation

If I wanted to gain control of my financial destiny, then I felt I had two options: divorce my husband, so that I can be in full control or give up on my dreams. I choose to give up on my dreams. At that point, I stopped budgeting and planning, which I had been doing for about 13 years. I mean, if my plans never worked out, what was the point?

In hind sight, it wasn’t about my husband. We tend to take out our anger about our own failures on those closest to us. And, it wasn’t that I gave up on my dreams, it was that I let go of being the one in control of how I attained them. I still wanted us to buy a home, but I was no longer orchestrating how to get it. Every time I hoped for it, I prayed that the right home will find us at the right time and then, let go.


An Interest

In August (remember 1/3 of our savings left), my husband decided we needed a home. We went to a few open houses and visited a mortgage broker for a reality check on how much we will have to bring to the table. I thought that would deter him, but he urged that we kept looking. Eventually, I called him and started nagging about how I didn’t want to deal with the headaches of looking for a home right now. I was pregnant and had wanted to use any spare energy in my maternity leave on my business. I wanted to hold off till I got back to work after baby, and he agreed.

But, right after we spoke, our agent called about putting in an offer on the sorriest house in the best location we had seen a few days before. and I agreed to take a chance on just that property.


Our Miracles

This was where impossibilities really started becoming reality. A series of things happened that just didn’t make sense:

  • One of us qualified for the cost of the property + renovations which came up to an obscene amount of money. I could have sworn that it was 50% more than what both my husband & I qualified for just the year before. How was it possible to qualify for more property with less income???
  • We managed to come up with the money we needed, which was over 10 times what we had, in less than 3 months. Don’t ask ‘How?’, I have no idea.
  • I remember sitting with the mortgage brokers amazed about our miraculously great financing arrangement. Our payments varied from month to month the first year which lined up perfectly with events in our lives. Payments during my maternity leave was minimal. Our payments while we maintained rent, mortgage and a move were also more manageable than expected. Our eventually monthly payments seemed almost cheap.
  • Then in my marriage, I no longer was the nag about finances. My husband was now even more motivated than I and had now taken the lead..

There were many, many more miracles…

My Lesson

The point of the story is that, I got closer to my dream by doing NOTHING, than all the somethings I had done before. And it worked out so much better than anything I could have dreamed up!

Now, when I hear people being logical and denying themselves possibilities based on circumstances. I can’t help but say “Hey STOP! Just commit your dreams to God or the divine or whatever you believe in. Truly commit your problems over, let them go and be open to what transpires.”

It worked out so well, that I have been inspired to commit another dream to the divine this year. I’m going to commit my goal to create an online income stream that allows me to earn income no matter where I am!

I’ll try to keep you informed on this journey. Happy 2017!!!


P.S – What dreams are you going to completely surrender to the Divine?