We have so much to be thankful for this year as a family. We are ending the year on a high note (hopefully). As I write this, I’m hoping I’m not inviting any bad karma. That fear, coincidentally, has prevented me from really embracing the unfolding of the year.

Let’s embrace, let’s thank God for how far he has brought us, no matter how much we squirmed, screamed or coward, and finally accept the blessings.


I decluttered my home!

It was hard work, but boy did it change our lives. When we were done our home felt different, we had simplified our lives, created whole new spaces and gotten rid of so much unnecessary stuff. We shopped differently, a whole lot less. We restructured our space and made walking into our home feel much, much better. It lead to whole new opportunities and possibilities…

Decluttered Closet Before & After


After, decluttering…

The next big surprise was just around the corner. We had just given away everything we didn’t need and were so excited about our newly spruced up bedroom and closet. Maybe we got too carried away. Introducing, baby number three. Holy fr****ng smokes! We had just left our last baby item, a free car seat, on the curb for anyone to pick up.

Good news, after 2 boys we are expecting a girl! Fingers crossed, no one got their wires crossed at our ultrasound.


To move or not to move

So, I put up a picture of a home for our family on my vision board/wall, in my newly created meditative space as a result of decluttering. Really didn’t believe in it, was afraid of it for some reason, but it was the natural next step for our family. Full disclosure, it had been incredibly hard to save for many reasons… After failing miserably at savings and most of my financial goals, I gave up on budgeting, something I had done religiously for more than 13 years. I mean, what was the point!?&

Once I gave up (still had the pic on my vision board), things happened and my husband got the home bug. We went to see a mortgage broker for a reality check. He gave us numbers and the likes…

Anyways, long and short of the story is that we may be ending the year with a really crappy home, in a fabulous location and the opportunity to make it into what we want. I have finally embraced the reality of it, overcoming a whole lot of crazy obstacles that I felt I created with my own resistance, and just being thankful and grateful that we came this far.

The miraculous part is that we had to come up with about 4 times what we were initially told to be able to move forward with the property plus renovation and somehow, we got it together in less than 3 months, something we couldn’t do in the past 5yrs. The eventual cost of the property blows my mind. More surprising is that it feels really affordable and works amazingly with our new baby timeline. I mean… how on earth is this happening!


Business and Business..y

So I wanted a business, not just blogging for free, but making some income so I could quite my day job and focus on helping people with wellness. As far as I am concerned, I make a lot of money. Can I make this all online? Can I take a month every year to live in another country and study their wellness culture and blog about it while making money!!!

The answer is ‘Yes’! But all that hasn’t happen. I did do a lot with Lappolis. I finally worked through Lappolis branding, finally decided on a direction, finally hosted my first workshop and finally creating my first wellness program.

Guess what the first wellness program will be on? A diet, finances, mindfulness… it’s on ‘decluttering’! My attempt this year and the results it yielded convinced me it was a fantastic first step to making your whole life better. It definitely helped open our family up to new and fantastic possibilities.

Lappolis Branding & Unclutter Your Space Program


From the results of the workshop, it has also opened other people up to new possibilities. One attendant was actually in the process of renovating and was wondering where to store her 7 rooms of stuff in a home with just one person. She ended up giving so much away and clearing out an entire basement. She then realized she could use the basement to fulfil a lifelong goal!!


New Year, new beginnings

Before the New Year rolls around and we pick up new New Year resolutions, let’s take a step back and do 3 things together:

  • Celebrate how far we have all come,
  • Review our lives and set new goals, boldly, for the new year, then I suggest you
  • Declutter


Why Declutter?

To create room for new possibilities we have to let go of some of the old. Decluttering helps us create space, both physically and psychologically, for the new to come into our lives.


What Next?

So this is what we would do:

  1. If you will love to join in on a LIVE (online) Gratitude & Goal Setting session, please RSVP below.
    • You’ll be sent an invite for the session assuming enough people show interest.
    • I’ll also send out a beautiful worksheet, so you can write down your gratitudes & goals as we go through the session.
    • So, please send it far and wide to anyone that you think can benefit from this
  1. Afterwards, I’ll send you a FREE decluttering guide if you want to proceed with decluttering.
    • If you are interested in receiving the decluttering guide right away, click here to get it emailed to you
    • You may not have time to declutter right this moment, but let that be your New Year resolution and observe how life unfolds!