You guys may think I have spoken about smoothies enough and you’ll be right, but this is an important step that I don’t hear being talked about a lot. This is about the side effects of switching to a healthy diet. Yes, “Side effects”.


When my husband and I switched to taking smoothies for breakfast, wihin a week, we both started seriously breaking out. It was so bad, we had a couple of new breakouts every day. The natural reaction would have been to stop with the smoothies since it was the only thing we changed recently, but the correct approach was the opposite.


Because we had switched to a healthier diet, our bodies started to detoxify itself. Toxins that were previously stored in fat cells were now being released as the fat cells shrunk. But, we had done nothing to help these toxins get out of our systems. Our liver does it’s best to process the toxins and pass it through our urine, but what is left in the blood stream can try to get out through the skin. The healthier the diet switch the more severe the side effects. That is why many dietary plans recommend a gentle switch to a healthier life style.


We immediately started off on a major effort to cleanse/detoxify. If you do not properly detoxify, these toxins causing havoc may actually be reabsorbed into your fat cells, which is not ideal either. I’ll go over the various methods we tried  till our symptoms subsided.



Detox packages

I got an off the shelf cleansing detox package for $12.99 at Trader Joes  and Whole Foods. It contains 3 bottles, one of fiber pills, mild laxative and another of something else. It is to be used for 14 days. After using this, we did go to the bathroom a little more, but it was not enough. We were still breaking out daily.


Magnesium-Oxygen supplement

I think this is recommended by Kimberly Synder as a gentle laxative safe for daily use. We didn’t try this cause we take lots of vitamins already.


Oil Pulling

This is something I read about only a few weeks ago. You swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 mins in the morning before eating and it’s suppose to draws out impurities and bacteria in your system. It’s great for oral health, but others have claimed that it was like a shot of coffee for them, and the had a lot of energy afterwards, and that it helps with other body ailments. I did try this, and at the very least, it leaves you teeth feeling squeaky clean and it does reduce plaque and the bacteria in your mouth. I now do this when I wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, mainly because I ate poorly the day before.


Korean Spa

To my surprise, my husband agreed to come with me to the Korean spa, I guess breaking out like crazy makes you want to try anything. This spa is kinda like a bath house with heated pools and various heated rooms with different minerals, like salt, charcoal & clay, claiming to detoxify you and heal different ailments.  I love going to these spas, you get to deeply relax and just treat yourself at a relatively modest price. We had fun, but still had our breakouts, they did slow a little from 2 everyday to more like 1 every other day. So, we decided to pull out the big guns…



Yes, a sure-fire way to get in there and clean out the gunk in your colon. We made appointments and went for it. Now, people have different experiences with Colonics. The best happens when your hydro-therapist gives you an initial consultation explaining how it works, what to expect and how to get the most out of it. My sister did not have this at her first experience, so it was just uncomfortable. She did however on her next experience and it made a huge different and was a more effective session. We had a great consultant who took great care with us.


After the first visit, the breakouts definitely slowed further. And with the second, it pretty much stopped.





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