3 months ago, in March…


So, I’ll be going to Jamaica in July for my sister-in-law’s wedding. And I thought it will be a good time to challenge myself to get rid of the rest of my pregnancy weight, still hanging on after almost 2 years. I also want to work on the not so appealing effects on specific parts of my body.


For the past couple of months, I’ve been working out, running at least 3 days a week. But, I’ve lost not one pound since September. Very discouraging! I’d have to take a different approach for this challenge. I may have to finally address my diet more seriously and try other workouts. How I track my progress also needs to change. Starting my mornings on a scale that shows no progress has been so discouraging, a terrible way to start the day. I want this to be a lot more encouraging and empowering.


In the spirit of stress reduction,  I’ve decided to focus on “How Sexy I feel!”, yes, I said “How Sexy I feel”. It’s very hard for me to verbalize the word ‘Sexy’. And I thought, “Really Nani, you want to look sexy in front of nieces & nephews on a family vacation???”… Doesn’t matter, as long as I feel I can by that time. I just want to be totally comfortable in my own skin and not have to hide behind any cover-up. And, I can look sexy in a conservative way, right… :-/


How do I track, whether I feel sexy or not? Just based on how I feel? I can take measurements or take a pictures of me in a specific bathing suit and track progress that way. You know, I’ll just go based on how I feel. What good are good measurements if I don’t feel fabulous.


First step would be to look in the mirror and determine what feeling sexy really look likes for me. I’ll then develop a strategy to get there. My progress will be tracked weekly, at that time I’ll evaluate where I am and strategize for the following week. I’ll report my progress on the blog monthly and let you guys know how things are going. (scratch that) I’ll just keep you guys posted.

What does feeling  sexy mean for me?

  • Smaller waist line
  • Sexy back the abs
    • Pregnancy leaves you with some gifts like stretch marks & sometimes a more stressed out wrinkly belly area. Somehow these abs have to sexy their way back up
  • Putting my chest back on the shelf
    • After I stopped breast feeding, critical shock, someone had stuck a pin and deflated my “chest area” overnight. Although they have since improved, they still look like they are about to fall off the shelf, hanging on for dear life. I intend to put them safely and tightly back on.
  • Arms oh arms (coat of arms)
    • I learnt from ‘Dr. Libby Weaver – author’, that stress accumulates fat around you arms, among other areas. When I seriously de-stressed recently, my arms completely shrunk.
    • Clearly, I have to de-stress promptly and often.
  • Happy medium (butt)
    • My husband likes the ‘donkey booty’, I like for my ass not to be so prominent on my frame. We have to find a happy medium
    • Idea… maybe what I do is shrink it so small that any increase will be perceived as bounty 🙂  (look at me, like my husband wouldn’t read my blog… hey……)
  • Leaning the lowers
    • My legs, especially inner tights, have always been tough for me to lean out. Not only was it just not cute, but it cost me money, in quickly worn out jeans and pants.


  • Get rid of the scale.
    • I have to put the scale somewhere else, so I don’t deal with it every morning
  • Change breakfast
    • A friend had mentioned the ‘Glowing Green Smoothie’ to me by Kimberly Snyder. I’ll switch my breakfast to that and see how that works. For my friend, she went through a bit of the cleanse for the first couple of days and lost like 4 lbs. Going by my track record, I’ll probably loose 0, but that’s ok. This smoothie has so many greens, it just has to be good for me. Most importantly, she swears it tastes good.
  • Go to the spa
    • I really mean Korean Spa or bath house. If you haven’t tried one, I encourage you to. There, you can relax leisurely for hours at a reasonable price
  • Try new work outs
    • Since jogging is not working so well for me anymore, I’ll have to try other cardio exercises, like Zumba, and see what works.
  • Groupon
    • For my abs, I may just groupon my way from deal to deal till I find something that works. I’ll aim for at least 1 deal a month, but not more than 2, so I don’t get overwhelmed and it wouldn’t cost so much. I also want to give each treatment time to work.
    • I’ll also use groupon to find and try new workouts
  • Barre
    • Barre classes and some Hot Yoga exercises really helped me with shrinking my behind the last time. I miss having a neighborhood barre3, but other barre classes will do for now. But barre3, especially in the Seattle area was so targeted and I felt I really got into specific problem areas from different angles. I miss u guys, Heather & Anna.
    • Barre3 also helped me really shrink my arms, abs & inner thighs. I can’t believe ballerinas have been keeping all these work out secrets to themselves. I just assumed they were all born skinny, 🙂



I’ll let you know in about a month how things are going.