To be perfectly honest, I’ve been reluctant to write this blog post. Why you say? Because, I didn’t lose any weight. I mean, I did at different times. I lost about 3 lbs after I started cycling, lost about 2 more with smoothies for breakfast, lost about 2-3 lbs after colonics, lost another 3lbs when I hit cycling hard for another couple of weeks. Doing the math, that would be over 10lbs.


The problem is that every time I lost the weight, I actively tried to gain it back. If I weighed myself and for some reason I had made good progress, I’ll eat well all day and then just before I go to bed, get serious cravings and reach for chocolate, ice cream, or my favorite, carrot cake (It has carrots right!).  And my weight went back up.


I really do not know why, but I did identify this pattern in the 4 months:

  • In the first week, I’ll workout well enough
  • The following week, I kicked my workouts into high gear.
  • The beginning of the third  week, I’ll see real results.
    • Then I’ll get excited and that very evening, serious sugar cravings would start.
    • It also coincides with time of the month (not sure if that has anything to do with it).
  • The fourth week was me having my cycle, still eating sugar, but being too fatigued to workout.
  • The very next week, I’d realize I slacked off, then kick my butt again into working out, and we go through the cycle again.


It pretty much amounted to 2 weeks of good work, 1 week of good work but sugar cravings, one week of not so good work with fatigue and sugar cravings. Eventually, I did lose a net 3 lbs, but then went to an all-inclusive Jamaican resort.


The good news is that, I identified a pattern, so I can now figure out how to deal with it. But how?


Another confession, I know I said I’ll get rid of the scale, but I didn’t. I moved the scale from the entry of the bathroom to a bathroom closet. Didn’t even weight myself before the move which made me feel really proud. After I got back from a trip a week later, I went into the bathroom and what did I see? The scale was back in its prominent position, right when you walk into the bathroom. Apparently, my husband had been using it to prop open the bathroom door in the morning, to let the steam out after a shower. He had searched for while I was away and put it back in its familiar place. I definitely used it less, initially, but weighing myself went back to being a daily habit.


FYI: I did get smaller, somehow, and did go down 1-2 dress sizes. The weight is still an issues because clearly, I can lose it. But the fact that I actively put it back on by eating tons of sugar in the middle of the night is just unhealthy. Something is-a-miss.


There are 2 theories I have so far about why this may be happening:

  1. Candida – This is  a naturally occurring yeast that can be out of balance in your system, especially, your gut. They feed on sugar, so hormonal imbalances can cause them to thrive and increasing sugar cravings. The first I heard of this was in Kimberly Synder’s book. After my colonics, the administrator mentioned that I may indeed have this. Kimberly Synder’s recommended to stop ingesting sugar immediately, (not gonna happen). My colonics administrator, gave me pills and said as it killed the yeast, my cravings will naturally decrease and I will eat less sugar. Ingesting probiotics, especially certain strains apparently help. I’m yet to tackle this seriously.


  1. Self-sabotage – At the very moment I realize I’m making progress, I almost always, want a piece of cake to celebrate. Haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of that yet, either. It’s like my debt. Whenever I manage to pay it all off, something happens, seemingly out of my control, and I get right back into it.




I do not want to focus on losing weight anymore! I want to learn to appreciate the body I have, and work to adopt a healthier and healthier lifestyle over time.


Still working on this one…