So, as you all know, I am pregnant.


Let me give you a rundown of my first experience:

At the time at which I got pregnant the first time, I was at the healthiest I had ever been, both inside and out. I had been working out a lot; jogging, taking barre and hot yoga classes. Internally, I had just been on a detox cleanse, was in love with my breakfast smoothies, was taking super vitamins and had adopted a generally healthier diet. Things were great all the way to my move to the DC area, 5 weeks before my son was born.


After the birth, things went a little south; I had a lot of difficulty losing weight and difficulties adjusting to all the changes I had made all at once; new city, new working status, new baby…



The good news was the very obvious health of my son. Let me tell you a little bit about him. When he was born, he looked 3 months old. Most babies I had seen had wrinkly skin and just didn’t seem fully formed. My son came out with completely smooth skin and  eyes wide open. He smacked the hand of the nurse that tried to put an oxygen mask on his face. I remember hours after he was born, his dad had put him on his chest, and he lifted his head to see his dad. I kept thinking that it was a little strange for a new born, and I was right. The nurses said he wasn’t supposed to be able to do that until he was about 3 weeks old.


Anyways, he has been a really strong, restless, energetic & athletic child. He was crawling at 5 months, walking at 8 months and running at 10. He started summersaulting out of my hands at 4 months and does it to this day to escape my grip. He runs super-fast; most people have never seen any child move like that.


He’s had us all scratching our heads, since the day he was born, wondering how he ended up this way. Was it the vitamins? Maybe it was all that jogging. But, if you are a parent, you are aware that having a child like this is a whole, whole, whole lot of work. I love my baby and his energy level, but I definitely do not want a repeat, so I’m doing things differently this time…


This time around:

Instead of working out and being active, I’ve been sitting and sleeping off on the couch, part intentionally, other part due to low iron.


NOTE: If you are anemic or borderline anemic, being pregnant may seriously affect your iron levels and you may become super tired. Iron supplements in the right amount usually helps restore your energy level.


My diet has also been out of whack. The last time around, I cut out all the sweets as soon as I found out I was pregnant. This time, I regained the habit of hot cake and melted cream cheese icing for post dinner indulgence.


Wake up call (of sorts):

First, I found out I was having another boy. After I realized that he would have to come out and face my current son, I decided to get it together physically to give him a fighting chance. Also, when my doctor/midwife informed me that I had gained 10 lbs in the last month, I wasn’t alarmed at first, because I just didn’t believe her. It slowly but surely dawned on me that she may be right (I wasn’t going to step on the scale to confirm it, wasn’t sure I could deal).


I guess I should get off the couch and be more active. Being smack in the middle of the most devastating winter on the east coast isn’t helping. I have skipped jogging and the afternoon walks in the park by work. I’ve also been dreading driving anywhere with all this snow and sleet. I am from the tropics, people!


Turn around:

Partnering with Lydia has been super helpful in getting me to take advantage of the gym in the building. We’ve been informing each other about work out plans and meeting up at the gym when we can. She works out, while I walk on the treadmill :). Still progress!


Talking to Margaret inspired me to have a meal plan which has helped get my diet under control. Having a meal plan means I’m more likely to keep track of what I eat, and my family also gets a meal plan. I got to have a pizza night with my son, and he loved helping me make his whole wheat Greek pizza. It was delicious!



All in all, things are going well enough…