Everyone in my home wanted to jump on the smoothie for breakfast bang wagon, from my husband, to the baby, to the nanny, and my mum when she’s in town. That is a lot of smoothies, so, I needed a larger capacity blender than my standard one of about 48oz. It also needed to be as quiet as possible since I live in a condo and it’s hard to blend in the morning without waking everyone up, especially my baby.


It was proving difficult for me to shell out the cash for the standard Vitamix, especially when I wasn’t that impressed with it. I had borrowed one from a friend a few years back. It blended well, but it was noisy. It was also really tall which made it hard to place it just anywhere on the counter. I also hated using what I call the ‘stabbing stick’, an attachment that you can use to push down food in the blender while blending. I had to use it a lot. So, I set out to investigate what else was out there.


The first high-capacity blender I tried was the Ninja. At $100+, it wasn’t too pricey, the only one I could find under $200. But, it wasn’t right for us for the following reasons:

  • It was complicated to work. It took me a good half hour, which included reading the manual, to get this thing to work. Can you imagine being an Engineer and needing to read a manual to work a ‘blender’. You have to put the lid on at a specific angle, press some lever down… too complicated.
  • It was really loud, with all those blades working away…
  • The consistency of the smoothie was choppy and not smooth at all. It was edible, but I didn’t feel that it released as much nutrients as other blenders. I found myself re-blending in my cheaper and smaller blender to get a better consistency.
  • Putting lots of fruits or veggies in it was hard with the large blades in the way. It was hard to truly stuff a lot in there. And with the complicated lid, it was also hard to add more to the blending smoothie from the top.


I now had to move on to the more expensive blenders. Armed with my 20% off coupon, I went over to Bed Bath & Beyond, returned the Ninja and got the new Blendtec Designer Series, 90oz capacity. I really liked this one. Not long after, I learnt there was a newer Vitamix that was shorter and claimed to be quieter. I did some research online to compare the two blenders but didn’t find enough information to help me. Lots of comparative videos are available, but none comparing the newer versions of Vitamix & Blendtec. So, I decided purchase the new Vitamix and provide my own comparative information online. Of cause, I’ll be returning whichever one I don’t like. You can judge for yourself which you prefer.


Note: Vitamix 7500 & Professional Series 300 have the same engine. The only difference is that they come with different cookbooks (Got this info from Vitamix customer service)


Feature Comparisons:


  Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Vitamix 7500 or Professional series 300
Price From Blendtec site:
$454.95 (Regular)
$499.95 (Champagne color)
From Vitamix Site:
$529.00 (Vitamix 7500)
$559.00 (Professional series 300)
$419 (Certified Reconditioned)With these link you’ll get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING, a savings of $25You can also call 1-800-848-2649 and give this code: 06-008966
Where else Also available @ Bed, Bath & Beyond
$363.96 with 20% off coupon
    • 7500 can be purchased @ QVC with additional smoothie cups
    • 300 can be bought at Crate & Barrel, William & Sonoma and a few other places for about $529.
    • Vitamix has these blenders for $399 $419 in not so mint condition
Capacity 90 oz capacity Advertised at 64 oz
but exact same capacity of 90 oz as the Blendtec
Quieter Slightly quieter with both nothing in it and filled with 36oz of water Slightly noisier with both nothing in it and filled with 36oz of water
Look & Feel
    • Looks cooler
    • Clean lines
    • Love the digital display
    • 2 blade that aren’t sharp, so you don’t get cut by touching them
    • Square-ish container.
    • Has 5 preset blending time & speeds
    • Cuts off after 50 secs, when not using any of the preset
    • Has master kill switch. Vitamix kill switch is good for homes with a kid like mine that can go and try to turn on the blender without adult supervision. I still think my son can discover that switch, so I’ll still unplug when not in use.
    • Has the extra “stab stick”, hate it, but it comes in handy
Lid Leaks easily, takes some getting used to. Also, it did blow out on me twice when I was blending at full capacity. Lid is pretty sturdy and it doesn’t leak as easily.
Calibration Calibration is in black , making it easier to see when food is in container Calibration is impressed in plastic, making it really difficult to see when food is in container