Right now, I am eating a watermelon. I should really be drinking water but… Let’s face it, water is boring. It’s worth reviewing ways to spruce it up!

Detox Water

I stumbled across this gem by total accident. I was served lemon & cucumber infused water at a nice hotel. I liked it so much I made the fancy water for my sister’s baby shower, infused with lemon, cucumber and mint. Then I decided to make pitchers of it and leave it in our fridge, so I can drink it everyday.

It was so good. I started looking online to see what other flavor combinations I could make. I noticed that people kept referring to it as ‘Detox water’. Detox water? Yeah, yeah, another fad, or was it?

The first day I took it to work, I definitely went to the bathroom more, but I thought it was because I was drinking more water. The next day, I decided to blend the cucumbers & mint, then squeeze in the lemon, so I could get all of the goodness. That was when I discovered why they really called it ‘detox water’.


  1. It cleaned me out, it flushed out so much I felt like I got a colonoscopy.
  2. To my surprise the next morning, and the next, my belly was totally flat. I didn’t wake up to my regular morning bloat.
  3. I did lose weight. I had been on a cake diet right before and without working out, I was able to lose some (well all) of the weight.
  4. It was helping to suppress my appetite. Confession: I started taking coffee because I realized it helped my not eat a bucket of cereal in the morning. This water had a similar effect without the guilt of consuming so much caffeine.


Favorite recipe:

1/2 lemon squeeze, 4 medium cucumber slices, 2 springs of mint, 1 tsp ginger, 1 date & 1 tbl honey blended in water. And 2 tsps of chia seeds to water in a bottle. Top bottle with water and shake. Best to drink a cup with warm water in the morning before eating.

(Arm workout of bottle shaking is an added benefit :))


Like with every change, it takes time to develop a new habit. Keep forgiving yourself and trying again. For starters keep things simple; maybe just lemon water, then lemon & ginger…

More info on favorite ingredients

I’ll share with you the ingredients that have worked best for me in order of importance:

1. Lemons

If you google the benefits of lemon, you will get tons of information back, so I’ll just highlight a few.

Lemon is pretty much a power punch to wake up your digestive system and get it better ready to work for you all day. It is similar in composition to saliva, so drinking it with water first thing in the morning, stimulate the production on bile, that helps digest food. It also detoxifies the body and is a diuretic, so makes you want to pee, which also helps get rid of toxins. It alkalizes the body which creates a better digestive environment.

Most people are acidic, which makes it easier for diseases to take root. Alkalizing the body actually increases your immunity. So does the vitamin C in lemon. It also helps to suppress appetite. Better skin,…



2. Cucumbers

It’s very hydrating and contains a lot of fiber making it good for digestion. It also contains a lot of cancer fighting compounds and can help regulate blood pressure. It’s rich in vitamin B & C. These are good for energy and immune support. And like lemon, it a diuretic and promotes healthy breath.


3. Mint

It’s green, it’s refreshing, it’s hydrating… It’s an appetite suppressant. It aids digestion and supports the hard work of our livers. It helps to fight cancer and promote a healthy weight loss. Like the other ingredients, it promotes good breath and has lots of benefits to the skin. It also detoxify the body.



4. Ginger

Most of the ingredients we’ve mentioned are cooling, but ginger is heating. Besides it aiding digestion, it also activates your metabolism making it a good fat and calorie burner. This may also be the secret ingredient to the morning flat belly.


5. Chia seeds

I decided to add chia seeds because of their fuzzy sticky feeling in my  mouth. I figured I will drink more water if I could play with the seeds and it worked. I put in at the end and shake the bottle. Even after I finish the water, I add more water to the bottle and shake up the left over chia, drinking even more water. They are also high in fiber and protein, making the water more like a meal.


Chia seeds

6. Honey

Sweetens the pot, but also adds great health benefits. It’s helps prevent cancer and heart disease. It helps with regulating blood sugar levels. Some brands have healthy probiotics that promote good gut health


7. Dates

They are sometimes known as a complete food, packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. I use them to sweeten meals naturally and pack in some good fiber. I only use them when I am blending though.




This is Pinterest board of other detox water recipes. Let’s know how it goes for you!