Please read Part 1 of story if you haven’t: My Home Birth Story – The decision

I gave birth to a baby girl in our home, on our bed, Dec 26th 2016 at 10:20pm. She was 8lbs 14oz and 21 inches long, a relatively big but slender baby. Mom and daughter are doing quite well.

I was so relieved. She was healthy, strong and very importantly, out of me.

My husband was so happy, he loved the experience. He loved that we were home, so no driving a laboring wife, parking and shuffling back and forth from home to hospital for a few days. He also loved that he contributed to the successful birth. In fact his role was pivotal…

Let’s rewind a little..

In the first appointment with the midwives (at home :)), the first thing I wanted to discuss was birth control, lol. I wanted a good plan in place for after the birth. Next, I got a referral for an ultrasound. I needed to either talk myself into being ok with being the mother of 3 boys and continuing the hand-me-down train, or, learn the exciting news that we were going to be having a girl. It was the later!

I then sent a message to the doula (a birth assistant) who had helped me out so much with my second birth to make sure she was available to help again.

I had my team

At the birth, I would most likely be attended to by 2 midwives, a doula, my husband and maybe some assistants (less likely since it would be around Christmas). The none-assistants will also be taken care of. My kids will be in NYC with my sister and family, my mum, my husband’s mum and a lot of my husband’s family. They were in great hands.

Big advantage of home birth: You do not have to share staff with any other person giving birth, unlike in hospitals. My friend that gave birth in a hospital with a midwife a few months before was sharing the midwife with 5 other patients, crazy! The midwife just showed up in time to catch her baby. Thank goodness she had her mum, sister and husband there to help her while she waited and waited.

My husband found his stride as a kind of nurse. He kept us all feed and hydrated, bringing us water, drinks, making us a healthy breakfast and lunch and ordering good dinner. He had started practicing on me. I immensely enjoyed my breakfasts and lunches in bed for a few days before the big day. After the birth he kept it up bringing me my medications as well. Really good job!


When labor finally started, I labored mostly in bed, guided by the very able doula. I was able to manage my pains while lying down for the most part. The midwives arrived later, closer to delivery, but they were in communication with me & the doula through the day.

The challenge came after I was fully dilated and the baby was supposed to come out. We had a tough time getting her to descend and my water hadn’t even broken. I had labored on the bed, in the birthing pool, the hallway and no progress. The end was nowhere in sight.

Then, after prompting from our doula and midwives, I leaned deeply into my husband’s palms that were cupped under my belly as he stood behind me. It all happened quickly from there. The pressure that put on my belly triggered my water to finally burst, gushing out! That was a welcomed relief, but I knew the baby will be coming soon after.

Then I felt it, that ring of fire, letting me know that the baby’s head was right in the birth canal and ready to come out. I was moved to the bed quickly and after a few pushes (I had to be reminded of how to push and it was my third child), she came out.

Post Examination

After the birth, the midwife examination revealed that my umbilical cord was short and was wrapped around the baby once, making it hard for her to descend. The pressure my husband put on my belly help burst the water and probably ripped be placenta a bit, allowing the birth to progress pretty quickly after.

I realized that if I were at a hospital, there was a big chance I would have had a C-section. They may not have guided us to do those crazy maneuvers that eventually got the baby out.

More Pros & Cons

The one downside to home birth, no hospital stay. When you are home, you tend to want to get into the swing of things and sometimes forget you just had a baby. It was hard for me to lay in bed and relax. The upside was that I didn’t have those unexpected walk-ins when they just come in and poke and prod my baby with all kinds of tests. The midwives had that covered as well. We had home visits for our follow up appointments for both me and the baby, sweet!

We thank God it all worked out.

But if there is ever, ever a next time, I’ll be in the deluxe suite at a hospital with my pre-ordered epidural waiting for me. I draw the line at C-sections though, only if medically necessary…