We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach. A hurricane apparently was coming through. So, the first day was shopping and preparing for the storm, day two was waiting out the storm and a power outage, day three we were going to the beach, by hook or by crook.



When I was about 5 years old my mum and two of her friends took their kids to the beach, 2 daughters each, 6 kids in total, one was me. They didn’t let us get close to the water at all until the very end. We all had to hold hands and walk to the water just to at least feel the water on our feet before we left. A wave came and swept all 6 kids into the Atlantic.


I had refused to hold hands cause I was a big girl and could swim and ended up being swept out the furthest. People ran from all over to help and I was pulled up by a hand and leg, had to go home in a towel. That episode, understandably, shook my mum. My parents just avoided the beach with us for decades. (FYI: all kids were rescued)


At the beach

Back to day three, we went to the beach. It was our 3rd attempt that day. The winds were howling, the water looked vicious and there was a red flag (no swimming). As we stepped on the beach we got sand blasted like someone was shooting us with little tiny pellets. We found a little corner by a walk path that seemed to not sand blast us. We parked our beach chairs there, put sweaters on our kids and decided to enjoy ourselves no matter the weather.


Part of me was proud of our die-hard family attitude. My younger son who was not so brave had been getting braver hanging with this family of dear devils. The older son, who is just completely fearless wanted to get his feet wet, so my husband decides to take him to the water. The incident that happened to me is always lingering in the back of my head when situations like these arise. I decided to take my other son and go with them, cause I knew my husband will not at least hold my son’s hand seriously, even with my most vehement insistence.


Balancing Act

It felt like a balancing act. I was aware of my past experience, but do not want to be ruled by fear. At the same time, I wanted to be a responsible parent and protect my kids.


When we got back from the water, by the way, my mum was with us and watched us walk towards the water, I recounted our experience to my husband, so he understood where our concerns came from.


I was proud that even though I had these fears I still went for it but cautiously. Allowing my kids to have fun while protecting them as best as I could from real valid danger.


Final act

Day four was lovely! We had a spectacular, cautious, adventurous day at the beach.




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