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I love my sunshine.

I have to learn to love the rain, all of the weather, not just sunshine. I don’t always want to wait for the sunshine of life to be happy, I want to be happy all the time. So, I have to love the rain, because, the rain is a part of life.

  • The rain clears the sky of clouds.
  • The rain washes all the particles out of the air and purifies the air and smug
  • The rain helps clean the streets
  • It helps to water the plants that nourish us
  • It helps us appreciate the sunshine.
  • And of cause, without rain, we cannot have the beautiful rainbow.


I love my challenges.

  • They help me grow, they teach me lessons I need to learn to grow to greater heights.
  • They make me a better person, a more compassionate person, someone who relates to even more people.
  • They put me in a position to help others that may face the challenges in the future.
  • They give me the opportunity to let go and let God perform miracles in my life.


  • Without challenges, there wouldn’t be the need to call on God, the wouldn’t be a need for miracles.
  • Without people being hungry, Jesus wouldn’t have fed the 5000 with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.
  • Without the blind man by the fountain of Bethesda, Jesus could not have performed the miracle of healing and sight.
  • Without Lazarus being ill and dying, God will not have raised him from the dead.


I love my challenges, I love my scares, I love my weaknesses. They give me the opportunity to let God into my life.

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