So I confess, the last two months I have engage in a skillful game of delusion and self-sabotage around my health and wellness.  Since coming back from Europe, I have found consistent exercise a challenge.


Perhaps it was the lazy, tranquil days in Egypt, or the time spent in a cocoon around my closest family and friends in London. But my arrival back to Washington DC has been marked with a considerable increase in lethargy.


My mornings are spent fighting the alarm, my lunch time work-out rituals have been replaced with an incessant laundry list of tasks and, I haven’t been mustering the energy to work out in the evening.


Conversely, my cravings for sugar and caffeine have spiked. I can feel and see my body discomfort with the current rut. It’s manifested in migraines, acid reflux and skin blemishes. I know my body is crying out for the healthy routines I’ve spent years perfecting – but the energy is still lacking.


Instead of reaching for a coffee-shop high sugar/ high caffeine combo – for the last few weeks, I have delved a little further into Kombucha, a naturally, fizzy, fermented black tea. It contains healthy bacteria and yeast, basically teas’ equivalent to probiotic yogurt.  Kombucha has been linked with detoxification, aiding digestion and immunity care, but I am taking it purely as an energy kick-starter.


At $4 for a 16oz bottle, it’s comparable cost-wise to anything your local barista would make, but it is a lot better for you.


Other than the slight vinegary after-taste that I have experienced with some brands, I have found a real boost in my energy levels and it has kick-started my sluggish metabolism. It’s been great to take Kombucha as a truth serum on my real level of tiredness…… Seven out of ten times it allows me to push through my gym visit or cardio routine. Three out of ten times, my mind and body were in alignment, but Kombucha still gives me enough energy to relax with less of the grumpiness you would associate with a teething toddler.


My favorite brand is GT’s Kombucha which I buy at Whole Foods and other health food and grocery stores in town.  Although there are various flavors and an alcoholic version of the brand, I have stuck to the original raw version of the blend. I have also had a draft Kombucha experience at the relatively new District Tea Lodge, DC’s first custom-blended tea house.  This place is a blog post in itself but I won’t digress. Taken almost like a shot, I experienced all of the energizing effects of a sports drink, without jitters or crashes.


I am curious about DC’s pioneering Kombucha distributor, Capital Kombucha. With flavors like mango chili and basil lemongrass, and over 25 outlets all over Washington DC, I am interested to see if this might be a permanent fix for energy in an emergency. Wish me luck as winter, a time when my body prefers to hibernate, is well and truly upon us.