For who is the devil? Many people think he’s the one that goes bump in the night, or the scary guy that shows up with horns on his head. Has anyone one really seen that? But how can we look out for him if we can’t recognize him? The devil is a lot more subtle than that and a lot closer than we think… Ooh scary!


Anything that steals our light is of the devil. I’ll let you in on a few ways he shows up in different areas of life:



  • It’s that little voice that tells me when I wake up, “You are too tired, your body needs the rest. Just close your eyes for a little bit” when I planned on going to the gym that morning.
  • It’s the one that says, “I wanted to go to the gym 3 times a week, but last week I went just twice, and this week, I never even stepped foot in it. I may as well give up on that goal”, when you just forgive yourself and keep trying.
  • It’s the voice that says, “You don’t have time to cook, or make a meal plan!” So you grab the quickest find at lunch time which isn’t always the healthiest, when your goal was to better monitor what you eat.



  • It’s the one that says “I really, really, really, really need those shoes now, yes now”, and “I’ll just put it on my card and pay it back next month”, when your new year’s resolution was to reduce debt.
  • It was the voice that said, “No, you can’t call your broker now, you are too busy, this place isn’t quiet enough, not now, not tomorrow, no not tomorrow”, and it took me 6 months and I lost thousands in gains.



  • It’s that voice that says, “Let me watch TV for just a few more minutes”, which becomes an hour, and then you are too tired to pray before bed, or not rested enough to wake up for the gym, or really sleepy at work.



  • It’s the one that says “You are shy remember, you don’t want to say hi to this interesting person”, and the person may be 2 degrees of separation from your big break.
  • It’s the voice that says, “Ah, I should tell her about that thing that happened, but I don’t want to stress her out, not today”, then another day, then a year, and then the truth comes out and your relationship is fractured.



  • It’s the thing that goes, “Oh you have a lot of work to do. Why don’t you skip church today, you can just go next week”, then you miss out on an encouraging word or a blessing.
  • It’s the voice that tells me, “You don’t have time to stop at the ATM and get tithes for church, you will be a little late, you can just pay it next time”. And then during the week, whoops, an emergency and the tithe is gone.


How does an alcohol addict relapse. It’s not that they go out on an all-night binge right away, it always starts with “Let me just take one sip, it’s just one small, minute, infinitesimal sip”, then another…


The devil comes from all our fears, our insecurities and negative thoughts. The more you overcome them and move forward in spite of them, the less control they have over you. These are the true battles for all of us. Those that are winning, get ahead in life.


Now, one thing we should also know is that, he normally doesn’t come through things that are ugly. On the contrary, he comes through attractions, through things that are alluring and we all know examples of these. But worst of all, he comes through the people closest to us. Don’t get me wrong, the people closest to us are not the devil, but he comes through  their own fears, insecurities and negative thoughts.


Have you ever called someone feeling confident and elated, then afterwards you feel unsure of yourself, uncertain. A lot of people trying to accomplish great things have the experience of sharing their goals with family and hearing back, “That’s impossible! You can’t do that! It’s never going to work!”. A lot of times, the response is from their own fears and disappointments in life. We shouldn’t waste our time getting upset at them or taking it personal. We just have to recognize it for what it is.


It’s a new year, look out for the devil that steals your health, your wealth, your time, your goals, your relationships, your spirituality, your light and ultimately, your life.





In what ways does the devil show up for you?