I’ve read a lot of books over the years, lots of self-help and inspirational type books. I will encourage everyone to read, but something is happening…

I can no longer stand them. I could not get through any of the last 4 books I’ve purchased. In fact, out of the 12 books I purchased this year, I could only get through 6 of them.

And a lot of people LOVE these authors. One of the, I had contacted personally and pleaded for an audio book version. To my delight, it came out a few months later. I got all excited, purchased it immediately and then just could not take it.

I feel most aversion when I’ve felt preached to, or when the author assumes they know who I am or where I’m at in my life. I’m like no, that is not who I am or where I’m at.

Someone had sent me a video on eating meat, something about imagine you are eating the meat of your beloved pet instead of cow or pig or any more commonly eaten animal. Will you eat then? ( the term Carnism, also check out ). The person who sent it had good intentions. I see the point and it is good to evaluate your values every once in a while, but I could not stand the video past 2 mins or so…

Just before then, my husband had gotten addicted to watching wild life shows for relaxation, and gosh, are animals vicious. I realized that every species on the food chain pretty much sacrifices a percentage of their population to feed the animals up the food chain. Lions & tigers are not wicked, they just are just hungry and need to feed their young, just like every other species. They need to hunt and kill to survive.

… back to the video. I was like, “What if we are thinking about it wrong? What if we should eat the beloved golden retriever, if we were to starve ourselves and our kids instead?” What if the domestication of a few animals makes it easier to show compassion for the other animals we don’t eat?

The point is, I was tired about being preached to about what was wrong with the way I was.

The other thing that had been happening in my life was a transition from questioning, thinking & analyzing to ACTION. I just wanted to get into action and make something happen. I no longer want to seat down and think about my life and the 7000+ reasons I am the way I am, soooo done with that.

I have moved into ACTION to create the life I want!

Anyone that wants to spend time analyzing all my whys, hows and who I am, no thanks. Anyone that gives me information that helps me get into action, SIGN ME UP!!!

I had to dig deep into my book arsenal to find something I could listen to, because listening to positive things consistently has been so helpful in improving my quality of life. Right now, I’m reading Tosha Silva’s Change Me Prayers. This is just a book with stories and good prayers, I can always use a prayer. I’ve also signed up for some groups that provide good information that has helped me get into action in creating the life I want.

Even from the books I couldn’t stand, I have learnt some really valuable tips (from the parts I’ve read). There was no time lost, but the shift have definitely been interesting…