I started taking smoothies for breakfast in 2010. It was a continuation from a Detox program a friend coaxed me into doing (..long story). When I discovered a delicious chocolate & basil smoothie and realized I could get my chocolate fix early in the morning, it was a go. It’s been somewhat of a habit since then.


More recently, another friend introduced me to ‘The Glowing Green Smoothie’ (GGS) by Kimberly Snyder, and it’s now my breakfast staple.


Why do this?

There are lots of advantages of taking smoothies for breakfast:

  • Increased energy in the mornings.
    • It’s easier for your food to digest if some of it is preprocessed with a blender.
    • More easily digestible food means  less energy used up by digestion and more energy available to you.
  • High nutritional content
    • With the GGS specifically, you pack so many green vegetables into your diet  early in the day, it just has to be good for you.
    • Because it’s blended, you have a lot of the nutritional content released for better absorption by your body.
  • Improved bowel movements
    • (Warning: On this blog, we will be talking about bowel movements, because it is a good gauge of overall health, especially digestive health).
    • For the first couple of days after switching to this smoothie, you may go through a little bit of a cleanse. My friend and I both did. The high fiber content helps encourage bowel movement


How do I do this?

  • Grocery Shopping
    • I usually do this on Saturday. I buy the freshest and ripest foods possible
  • Prep & Portion out smoothie recipes in bags
    • You can pick up a couple of extra produce bags while shopping, or reuse those you use to pack your produce from the store
    • I portion out least 3-6 recipes into bags, except for lemon
  • Make 2 batches and put the other bags in the freezer.
  • Make more smoothies as needed:
    • Put 2 cups of water in the blender
    • Squeeze in lemon
    • add a bag of portioned out fruits & vegetables
    • Blend
    • Serve 🙂
  • Put extra in a bottle and in fridge for next day


How have I integrated this into my life (Problems & Solutions)?

Starting out:

  • The recipe has 4 servings. So, I’d make them in the morning and put the other servings in different containers and into the freezer. With 4 servings, I only had to make it twice a week




Problem 1: Everyone in my home wanted a smoothie

  • My husband had a taste and also wanted it for breakfast. My son, who was less than 2 at the time, already had a fruit and vegetable puree everyday. He doesn’t like super sweet things, so it was an easy switch for him to GGS. It saved us from having to make 2 different smoothies. The nanny, upon seeing this, also wanted to get in on the action. Now, I had to make a large amount of smoothie everyday. Until then, I had a regular Cuisinart blender. It was hard enough making smoothies for 1, but for four? I needed a higher capacity blender.

Solution: New Blender

  • So I went through the process of selecting one. You can read more about that here, Picking a blender.





Problem 2: Making GGS smoothies everyday … yikes!

  • Now that everyone was taking them. It went from making them every 4 days to almost EVERYDAY.
  • Sometimes, my husband was up and out of the house before I was. If I didn’t get up early enough, he didn’t get his breakfast
  • Smoothies themselves do not take long to make, but prepping all the ingredients in the GGS takes some time. This was not sustainable.

Solution: 2 batches at a time

  • So, over the weekend, I started making at least 2 batches and storing the rest in large bottles in the freezer. At some point in the week, I’d make another 2 batches.
  • This also meant that there was almost always one available for my husband to grab.



Problem 3: Storing the extras in the freezer

  • Bottles took up too much space and some of the ones I had were much larger than I needed for 1 portion.

Solution: Foldable water bottles!

  • I purchased some on amazon. They were easier to store and easier to travel with even if they still hadn’t thawed .


Problem 4: Preserving freshness of fruits and vegetables

  • Now most of my grocery money is spent on fresh vegetables
  • Many times, things will get bad in the fridge
  • After buying a bag of frozen veges from trader joe’s, I got the idea of the freezing fruits and veges before they got bad
  • Also, my husband kept taking the pears to work, sometimes before I could use them in the smoothies

Solution: Freeze portions

  • One week, I had overstocked on produce. Some fruits & veges started getting bad, but we couldn’t drink the smoothies fast enough.
  • I decided to prep the vegetables for the smoothie, put them in bags and freeze them. Then in the morning, I could just bring out a bag, add water, add lemon and then blend.
    • We can just buy really fresh vegetables and prep all smoothie s over the weekend.
    • It would also free up space in the fridge.
    • I also had a better idea of what produce was left over to be used in other meals
    • Also, we could add  any other produce we wanted to get rid off to the smoothies
    • Most importantly, the task of making smoothies could finally be outsourced. My husband or the nanny could help make them with the simplified process, :).




Lappolis Notes:

It takes time to build in a new habit. So, always give yourself time to properly integrate it into your life. If it’s a good change, don’t give up trying.