Getting to the next level can be tough. I am trying to do something that seems so small, yet it is taking me so long.


Granted, when I first started this year, I had a grand vision. It was so grand that the more I spoke about it, the more confused I was about where to start. I realized that I had to pair things down to something I could wrap my head around in one conversation.


I asked everyone for help and I took any help I could get. I got free help, I paid for help, I partnered for help, eavesdropped for help, asked strangers, joined groups. And all the help has actually helped.


I’m still moving at a snails speed though. But, I must keep moving. I mean, what are my choices, stopping! Then what!


I finally landed on a goal that I could manage, one that I could achieve by the end of the year. Whoo hoo! I cultivated partnerships that have been working out better and more consistently. I finally found some tools that are helping me stay on track and keep things moving forward. I even found this nifty tool, paper(planner) that is helping me stay on task everyday :).


At the beginning of the year, I was so pumped, so excited, nothing was going to get in my way. Months later, as some of you may have perceived in my last post, I felt so down I was asking myself whether to give it all up. Of cause I knew at the back on my mind that was not the solution, but I entertained the thought anyways.


I fought to dig myself out of that emotional black hole and wrote the blog post. The readership on that post was dismal, like the worst since I started the blog. I was like, wait, did I send out the email? Were the links working? Is there something wrong with the tracking?


But I learnt something:


 “Even if no one in the world was reading my stuff, I will still write!”


Ha, that was when I knew it was a passion not a job. I will still do this even if I got no reward from this. I get no monetary reward now, but my current reward is knowing that I could potentially help someone else out. Well wrong – X. My current reward is that I had a thought, I wrote it down and I put myself out there!


I should be proud that I continue to put myself out there, I continue to work on bettering myself, I have not given up on me, I do not talk myself into all my fears. I’m proud of all of that.


This is for anyone who is trying something new, who is trying to take a bold step.


Keep at it, it will work out …eventually.