At the end of the last year, I wrote a piece about keeping our eyes on our goals for the new year, Where you look, Your body follows. Staying true to that, I wrote up a set of goals for the year and kept it in OneNote (Microsoft Office) , where I reviewed them frequently.

Sometimes I reviewed them weekly, sometimes monthly. I also tweaked them a lot to get them more specific or to adjust to some new life circumstances. At some point I printed them, but didn’t post them up anywhere.


The result was that, I accomplished a lot more of my goals than I ever had. It was great to have some guide for the year, something to guard my thoughts and to look at when I felt a loss focus or when I was getting confused about my day-to-day life. It kept my eye on the price and it flat-out felt good to be accomplishing some things I felt were important and not just have another year go by with nothing to show for it.


This is a quick picture of where I started and where I ended in the year. The lines highlighted gray were the goals I accomplished, those highlighted blue were the ones I made progress on, and the ones highlighted red were the ones I didn’t succeed at:


Goal Setting Results

Crank it Up

So, this year I’m going to take it up a notch. I’ll

  • Write out goals
    • I’m a little better at making them more actionable.
    • They could be SMART goals but those don’t always work for me
  • Finding and printing inspirations for the goals.
    • Finding pictures, words to live by and anything inspirational
    • For my body, I’m posting up a picture of how I looked before pregnancy
    • For my finances, I’m posting up a check for the amount I want in my account
  • Posting these in my bathroom
    • My bathroom is somewhere I can see the goals everyday
    • What space will work for you?

It will be a more entrenched part of my life, keeping me more focused and more goal oriented, daily. I have also decided to extend this a little and write-up some shared family goals with my spouse.


I’ll advice you guys to do the same. Write up some goals and keep them in a place where you can see them and adjust them. I have attached one of the templates I used.


Lappolis – Goals Index Cards


Enjoy the journey and let us know where it takes you.


Happy New Year!