I travelled to Seattle in March, soon after deciding to use my sister-in-law’s wedding as  a health motivation. I was really excited to go and visit all my former workout studios. Behold, I got side tracked…



A friend of mine, who was also working on baby weight, suggested, no, insisted I try a workout called “mashup” at a new studio called Bassline Fitness in Kirkland, WA. She described it as getting on cycling bikes and then rotating to some hand cracking machines, a self motorized treadmill and a rowing machine. She swore by it, so I just had to give it a try.


That was, hands down, the most fun I had ever had in a workout class. I absolutely loved it. The class was full and the instructor, Dave Fox, was super energized and energizing. There were 2 huge projector screens in the front of the class that played music videos to the latest pop music. There were 4 sets of machines that you could rotate to. Everyone started on the bikes, then in between songs, with cues from the instructor, we rotated to other machines and then back to the bikes. The music videos were so distracting, you didn’t focus too heavily on the crazy amount of work you were doing. The rhythms and pumping music kept you going pretty intensely on the bikes. The hand crank machines were so much fun, cranking at different speeds, intensities and directions. I had so much fun, I went back the very next day and the very next day, again :). I think I lost about 3lbs by the time I got back from Seattle. The studio was also relatively cheap. I got a 3 class package for first timers at about $20.


In typical Seattle fashion, the staff was very friendly. Talking with the owner, I discovered there was a cycling studio in my neck of the woods in the DC area. You know I have to try that!


Thanks, Myriam!


Switching Cardio

Before my cycling experience, I had been jogging for a couple of months. I was no longer seeing drops in my weight or significant changes to my body, so I felt I should probably switch out my cardio. Eventually, at the beginning of April, I tried the cycling studio in my area, Zengo Cycle, and it became my new drug. I cycled at least 3 times a week for a long while.


Zengo had their own unique style of cycling. The room is almost completely dark. Without the large screens you get to focus more on mentally pushing yourself further, I feel. They added arm movements to help work out your upper body and arms as you cycled. Initially, this was weird for me, but I got the hang of it.


To be totally honest, it wasn’t as much fun as “mashup“, but I definitely pushed myself a lot harder at  Zengo. Some of the instructors cycle so fast, I would think, “This is insane! How can anyone cycle that fast?”. A few seconds later, I’d find myself cycling just as fast. On some days, I’ll swear I burnt 1000 calories.


It was so effective and I quickly started to see my body shrink. Cycling helped lean out my whole body, legs, arms, thighs, butt. What surprised me was how much it leaned out my “waist line”. It was always hard for me to figure out how to target that, but this did it. To my husbands chagrin, it shrunk my butt pretty effectively. According to him, it went from a donkey, to a baby donkey, to a pony, to a baby pony… (He’ll be ok).


Since it hit almost all of my target areas, I pretty much focused mainly on cycling for the next couple of months, besides a once a week yoga class, I was taking in my building.


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