The year I chose to be open-minded and do things I normally wouldn’t do, one thing I did was to accept an invitation to a ‘Health & Wellness’ spa seminar hosted by a friend of mine. I wouldn’t normally have accepted the invitation and she wouldn’t normally have invited me. But, we both changed that year. She was just a coworker to me prior, but she had become a more open and light-hearted person and was slowly becoming a friend. I wouldn’t have accepted the invitation in the past, because of the inconvenience, but choosing to be open-minded meant I had to give it a shot. Besides, she had been to my place quite a few times already.


That seminar became the true corner-stone of my health and wellness  journey. I no longer thought of my health just from the perspective of losing weight. I was now aware of the importance of my internal health. Now, I wanted to watch what I put on or in my body. Besides being pampered,

  • I got some validation about the low quality of foods available today and why.
  • I started to see correlations between farming and diet trends of the past and the prevalence of certain diseases today.
  • I got some insight into how cancers form in our bodies and learnt that I could actually do something to reduce my risk or at least slow down the development.
  • I also learnt that I could assist my body in repairing itself, by sleeping and making sure I have the proper nutritional content available for the process.
  • It also occurred to me that I could create a much better environment for a child to develop within my body by reducing toxicity and increasing good nutritional content. Giving a child such a priceless foundation could make a big difference.

I came away with a new found awareness and curiosity of my health from  the inside out.


A few months later, I started taking good quality supplements.

  • For the first few days, I went through a little cleanse and then started using the bathroom more regularly. For someone like me that went once or twice a week at some point, going daily was a big deal.
  • Later, I noticed that I had increased energy especially in the mornings. I used to get to work, and just do nothing for the first hour, because I was still so tired. I had been waking up tired for years. Now, I was waking up energized, coming to work and getting so much done by lunch time. I told a friend, and she said it was the vitamins. My response was “Vitamins don’t do that! You just take them and feel nothing.” After several people I know had a similar experience, I figured, there was some truth to that.
  • Also, my nails became opaque. My hair and nails have always been weak. They grew fast, but would always break off. It was more obvious with my nails because, the opaque parts were translucent looking most of the time and they split often. At no time were my nails not translucent, even when I was at my healthiest and eating high quality foods. After I started taking vitamins, they became opaque and strong, and now I use them as a gauge to see if I am taking my vitamins properly or not.


After all of this, I started inviting my friends to attend ‘Health and Wellness’ seminars. A lot of them started on, or boosted healthy trends. They not only laid the foundation of health in their lives but in the lives of their own families.


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