There is something about a child that just has the light of God shinning right through. Especially when they are smaller, when they operate almost solely on instincts and less on logic, like a lot of adults.


Instincts are a direct path to God (a guess). Most animals, birds of the air, fish of the sea operate on instincts (another guess). Instincts allow us to tap into the limitless intelligence of the universe in making decisions, while operating solely on logic really limits our views to just what we know.


If you operate solely on logic, then you limit yourself to only the facts you know to be true, which precludes facts that you don’t know, and includes facts you think you know, but are dead wrong.


Example: There was a time when it was a fact that the world was flat, which would have made getting on a ship and sailing to the end of the earth a senseless act. I can imagine in those days how the “logicals” could have been arguing with the sailors about how futile their mission was. Something that was totally senseless at the time, is now totally logical in light of new facts.


Back to children: I am learning so much about life & God through my son. I’ve learnt lessons around fearlessness, trust and not worrying about tomorrow.


Anyone who is around children should really consider looking to them for wisdom. Here are a few excerpt from times when I learnt something:



My lesson in letting go

This is a lesson I would have to learn over and over again in many areas of my life. Where should I start? I’ll leave this alone for now …



Never give up

I had learnt to let my son just be, really early. Some people think I’m some kind of super mom that just doesn’t freak out at the crazy things he does. The truth is, from the start, there were so many scary moments, I learnt that if I do not stop freaking out at every crazy thing he does, I’ll die early of a heart attack. I chose to LIVE.


I had asked the doctor when my son may stop doing these things and she said, “When he hurts himself a couple of times, he’ll stop”. He hurt himself alright, but never stopped.


One morning. I woke up to a toddler climbing up a tall safe and go-go dancing atop of it. I remember slowly opening my eyes and realizing that maybe my son was in a dangerous position and maybe I should get him down. I chose not to (I chose to live). Soon after he fell off and hit the edge of my bed on his way down and then hit the floor. My son hardly cried at that point even when he had hard hits. But this time, he started wailing. As I started to get out of bed to check him out, I paused. Why? Because I saw this little person get off the floor and start climbing the safe again, while still crying.


I stayed back in bed as I watched him continuously climb that safe and fall and then almost fall, till he had mastered the climb and the go-go dance he intended to do.


At that moment, he taught me to never give up, even when I got knocked down, until I accomplished my goal.



My hero today was my son

I LOST IT. I lost it on the phone and started crying in front of my son. I tried to stay strong, and when I couldn’t I tried to get him away from me before I broke down, but he wouldn’t leave me. I tried not to put that kind of burden on him, but I lost it and needed someone. At that time, he was the one that was there.


He was like “Stop crying mama. Hug?” That made me cry even more. Then he went to get his iPad, stuck it up somewhere in my closet where we could both see it and said, “Let’s watch TV” in his baby voice. He was only 2.5 years old. He started laughing hysterically at ridiculous parts of the YouTube video in an effort to get me to laugh. He hugged me all through. At that point, I let him be there for me. I accepted his love and his strength when I couldn’t just stay strong.


Later on, I tried to go out and he insisted on coming with me. This is a child that sometimes doesn’t acknowledge me when I walk out the door. He stood in front of the door, blocking me from leaving and said “No, shoes”, as in “Get me my shoes, I want to come with”. No one else understood why, they didn’t know what had happened in the bedroom. So I let him come. He just wanted to make sure mummy was alright.


I love you son. I love you.



The double or triple chase

My son reacts somewhat aggressively to any hint of tension between my husband and I. So, his reaction during this event was no surprise…


I have been compared to many things by husband during my pregnancy, none were flattering. But it didn’t faze me, I know him, and I know he tries to stir people up. Normally, I am the one telling others to just ignore him, but this day, as I was putting away a bedtime book, he compared me to something else, and I had a very VERY strong reaction. I immediately turned around and hauled myself and my belly chasing him down the hallway and smacking him with the book. My son, not liking this at all, chased me smacking me to stop chasing dada, and my husband having a good laugh at his success at stirring me up.


… And me, not sure why I am telling this story. All I know is that life isn’t always perfect, but it can still be beautiful.