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A new body – post-partum ramblings

…JUST AFTER BABY I find myself with a bit of a dilemma. After baby number three, my body is in a different state and I’m starting to learn it. The natural thing is to want to loose weight and to work on getting my body back. But, I have no such inclinations. I find myself loving my current body

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The Power of Touch

Touch was something I never really appreciated. To be honest I hated being touched and generally avoided personal contact with others. I guess there was some significance to it, if I went through the trouble of avoiding it. Until right after labor with my second son. The child birth was a drug free process, so I had the privilege of feeling EVERYTHING. I had no residual epidural that could help numb pain like the first time around.

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The Valley of Shadow of Death

I wrote this before Margaret’s story, in support of so many women I know. This is the season for my generation and I am getting to understanding the different paths people have to take to parenthood. I wrote the piece in support of all of them. For every woman that wants a child, no matter how they go about getting to that point, we all walk through the valley of shadow of death

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Pregnancy: How I lost weight while pregnant!

From my original pregnancy post, I shared that I gained a lot of weight very quickly in the beginning. So, I decided to take control and set a goal not to exceed my last pregnancy weight. So far, I am a month away from my due date and on track!!! Even more amazing was that we accomplished this not by eliminating or dieting or starving or pushing myself at the gym. But by listening to my body and adding more

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