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A new body – post-partum ramblings

…JUST AFTER BABY I find myself with a bit of a dilemma. After baby number three, my body is in a different state and I’m starting to learn it. The natural thing is to want to loose weight and to work on getting my body back. But, I have no such inclinations. I find myself loving my current body

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One change that can transform your health: DETOX WATER

Right now, I am eating a watermelon. I should really be drinking water but… Let’s face it, water is boring. It’s worth reviewing ways to spruce it up! Introducing: Detox Water. I stumbled across this gem by total accident. I was served lemon & cucumber infused water at a nice hotel. I liked it so much I made it at home. But, what it did for my body was a total surprise

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If someone paid me $1 million if I reached my health goals by the end of the year, what will I do?

This is a collaboration piece. I was thinking about celebrities and how quickly they snap back into shape when they have to. I figured I’ll snap back into shape too if some good money was on the line. So, we asked ourselves one question and we all wrote down our thoughts by answering these 3 questions: What are my health goals? What will my plan be to reach them? What came to me in doing this excercise?

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When ‘Me’ Becomes ‘We’

Staying on track with health and wellness in a relationship: Singledom has its benefits. Time and resources are yours to manage and you can dedicate a lot of time to accomplishing your health goals. However, although statistics show that men are healthier in long term relationships, the same cannot be said for women

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The Lazy Mum’s guide to maintaining a Household

There are a few ways I’ve been able to reduce the effort it takes to maintain my household. They fall into these general categories: organization, outsourcing & leveraging others, simplification, and automation. Organizing my home for order is by far the toughest of all the tips. I kept restructuring and moving things around

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Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and without judgement. Mindful eating allows you to be present and also acknowledges your emotions around eating. By being mindful when we eat, we adopt healthy eating habits that allow us to eat when we are hungry and continue until satisfied. It’s not about the foods we choose, it can be any food we like, but about eating till we get enough

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Pregnancy: How I lost weight while pregnant!

From my original pregnancy post, I shared that I gained a lot of weight very quickly in the beginning. So, I decided to take control and set a goal not to exceed my last pregnancy weight. So far, I am a month away from my due date and on track!!! Even more amazing was that we accomplished this not by eliminating or dieting or starving or pushing myself at the gym. But by listening to my body and adding more

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