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The Impossible Happened

Something impossible happened last year. It’s a very personal story, but I’ve found myself telling people when I hear them determining their lives in logical terms. Cause, in 2016 I learnt that if you define your life based on logic, then life is limited, but if you leave it to the divine, then life becomes limitless and the impossible becomes possible.

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We have so much to be thankful for this year as a family. We are ending the year on a high note (hopefully). Let’s embrace, let’s thank God for how far he has brought us, no matter how much we squirmed, screamed or coward, and finally accept the blessings.

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Getting to the next Level!

Getting to the next level can be tough. I am trying to do something that seems so small, yet it is taking me so long. Granted, when I first started this year, I had a grand vision and I just had to pair it down into something I could wrap my head around in a conversation.

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When Creativity Strikes!!!

I channeled my creative energies into different things last year. I found myself having creative inspirations, but holding back and being skeptical in whether to express it or not. Sometimes, I will think of the cost, sometimes the time. All the creative endeavors were successful. But they were stressful to realize, because of the agony in deciding whether to go with a creative spark or not.

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Where have I been?

Hi Lappolis, This is the longest I have gone without writing something on the blog. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get it together enough to find something to share. I have been on another journey, one more spiritual in nature and I wasn’t sure what to share or how to share it. I just focused on the journey in the meantime. Lappolis was still close to my heart, wondering how I was going to get back. There is so much to share.

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If someone paid me $1 million if I reached my health goals by the end of the year, what will I do?

This is a collaboration piece. I was thinking about celebrities and how quickly they snap back into shape when they have to. I figured I’ll snap back into shape too if some good money was on the line. So, we asked ourselves one question and we all wrote down our thoughts by answering these 3 questions: What are my health goals? What will my plan be to reach them? What came to me in doing this excercise?

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