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I choose me

For someone in wellness, I never understood self-care. I thought of it as something women are told when they put their families well-being above their own, “You are important too!”, that type of messaging. I felt, I looked after my own well-being a little too much actually, so self-care didn’t apply to me. Until…

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The Power of Touch

Touch was something I never really appreciated. To be honest I hated being touched and generally avoided personal contact with others. I guess there was some significance to it, if I went through the trouble of avoiding it. Until right after labor with my second son. The child birth was a drug free process, so I had the privilege of feeling EVERYTHING. I had no residual epidural that could help numb pain like the first time around.

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Where have I been?

Hi Lappolis, This is the longest I have gone without writing something on the blog. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get it together enough to find something to share. I have been on another journey, one more spiritual in nature and I wasn’t sure what to share or how to share it. I just focused on the journey in the meantime. Lappolis was still close to my heart, wondering how I was going to get back. There is so much to share.

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The Valley of Shadow of Death

I wrote this before Margaret’s story, in support of so many women I know. This is the season for my generation and I am getting to understanding the different paths people have to take to parenthood. I wrote the piece in support of all of them. For every woman that wants a child, no matter how they go about getting to that point, we all walk through the valley of shadow of death

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