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I have never read any other dietary or nutritional book before. So, I don’t know if this is the general tone but this is, so far, the most depressing book I’ve ever read. Starting off a book with “Do not eat dairy!”, was a bit of a blow, but a manageable one. Then, “Do not eat animal products!”. The sentiment is not new, but the layer upon layer and good scientific reasons and research why, was. Then “Agave is terrible, then wheat, then…”. Just kill me now, when will this barrage of bad news end? I kept going from chapter to chapter trying to get away from all of this to the good stuff. Eventually, when the good stuff came, it was “Oh, you can eat goat cheese”. Really, that’s the good stuff?


All that aside, it was a really, really good informative book. What this book does is to arm you with really good information to help you optimize digestion and detoxification in your body. It discusses, how that leads to glowing skin, youthfulness, more energy, greater health and a more productive life. You will never eat the same way again. Or at least, you are more informed and can make better decisions. The information packed into this book is ‘Priceless’.


You’ll have to read it to get the nitty-gritty details, but the habits I have chosen to adopt are as follows:

  • The Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast daily
    • I was already making this for breakfast, before I read the book. I’ll stick with that because I like the idea of packing in so many vegetables in my diet, and it tastes good.
    • My husband, son and the rest of my household has joined me in switching breakfast.
  • Adapt more of a vegetarian diet
    • Now I try to have more vegetarian meals for lunch and I don’t miss the meat. I get
      • Chipotle bowls with brown rice and vegetables. No sour cream or cheese, but with Guacamole.
      • I also get falafel salads from Roti, and lots of vegetables
    • I’ve been having fun trying more vegetarian meals at restaurants
    • So far, I’ve been able to excluding a lot of animal products from my diet, all the way till dinner time
  • At dinner time, I eat whatever I want, but make sure to have a salad or cooked vegetables first.


Other lessons:

  • I now make better choices about what to snack on and how I eat my foods
  • I can also make better substitutions for foods and updating past recipes to healthier versions