IMG_4775_sHello everyone,



I have been on hiatus having and taking care of my new baby boy. He was born healthy and strong and everything went well, thank God.


For those that are curious, it was an all-natural birth with no drugs, no interventions. My thoughts after the whole things was,


What the hell was I thinking?


As some of you can attest to, natural delivery can be tough. To be honest, it traumatized me a little, and it took me a minute to recover. But, all is well now, and I’m glad I had that experience.


How I got through

I had a fantastic doula (someone that assists the mother with the birth) who helped me deal with the pain for as long as I did. A few tenants that helped me were:


1. Relax:

The last time, apparently, I was a little tense and it seemed to have contributed to the long length of my labor. Relaxing helps release the tension in the body that may actually hold up the birth. This time I made sure to let go as much as I could during contractions and through the overall process, letting my body do what it needed to do to deliver the baby and things progressed a lot faster.


2. Trust your body & yourself:

Women have been doing this since the beginning of time. So, we have to trust that our bodies know how to get us through this, you have to trust yourself and your own instincts.


3. Give into the pain.

Surrendering to the pain, makes it less painful than fighting it. I compare this to surrendering yourself to the police as opposed to leading them on a high speed chase. You’ll still have to deal with the situation, but surrendering makes it a lot less painful.


4. Breath deep and low on each contraction.

It kinda helps ground the pain and keeps you in control of your body. Whenever I screamed loudly and high, I was losing control and it was trés painful.


One good thing about natural delivery; recovery is generally better and faster. It’s going well, much better than it did the last time. I’ve only been binding my belly, but seeing it look flatish only 2 weeks after birth is fantastic. Working out and eating right… I’m working on that, slowly but surely.



Lessons learnt

1. We are wonderfully made:

Our bodies are wonderfully made, and there is nothing like pregnancy and delivery to bring that to bear. The process takes over your body and there is little you can do to control it, except to take good care of yourself. Your only job is to stay healthy and create a healthy environment for your baby to be carried and birthed.


2. The power of touch:

Nursing your baby can be very painful after birth. Apparently, it stimulates the uterus to contract, causing labor like pains. The irony is crazy, the more you connect with your child, the more painful it gets for you. The good news, it helps with recovery. Another thing that causes that, just holding your baby close. It got me thinking about the power of touch. If the touch of a child can stimulate an internal process is one’s body, what else can we get from touch. What about the touch of a loved one, or the touch from someone intending to console… how powerful is touch?


3. Stress is bad:

It does not contribute to that healthy environment we are responsible for creating. When I let myself get stressed, pregnancy didn’t like it and I started having painful contractions months before the baby was due. I had to let it go.




Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge all those that were there for me and my family during this time. So many people were there for us. I’m used to just depending on my husband, my immediate family, and a very small group of people. But this time, a lot of our support extended beyond that. From the surprise showers to surprise gifts and then to unexpected contributions, all were so timely. I’d like to say a huge, huge thank you and sincere unequivocal gratitude. Whenever we needed something, someone was there.


Thank you.