We had a few issues with the links the first time out. So, take 2!


Hi All,


To those who are just tuning in, Happy New Year! I’d like to first of all say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone that has joining us so far on this unexpected journey into the blogosphere. More importantly, I hope you have benefited from what we have presented so far. The feedback I’ve been getting from everyone has been so positive and encouraging because Lappolis is not only about me, but about others benefiting from our shared experiences.


One of the goals of Lappolis is to build a nurturing and supportive community that could help everyone of us “live our best lives”. If there is anyone who could benefit or contribute, please introduce them to Lappolis, by forwarding this email. The depth of knowledge we can gather by growing our community will benefit all of us.


You can get engaged by subscribing to our weekly emails, liking us on Facebook, joining us on twitter, leaving comments on our posts and encouraging others to do the same.


We are looking forward to an exciting year, and to supporting you with all your new year goals and beyond! Starting off, we have a couple of big announcements:


New Contributors

I’d like to introduce 2 new contributors to Lappolis, Margaret and Lydia.


Margaret is a doctor in the Seattle area. I’ve known her since her days in medical school and residency. She believes in food as medicine and has been helping patients develop healthier meal plans to support their healing. I’m very happy that she will be contributing her knowledge in nutrition & exercise to the Lappolis community. Read More →


Lydia is a neighbor who happens to be a lawyer amongst other things. We always enjoy having discussion about women, wellness and travel and her witty sense of humor is always refreshing. When she isn’t volunteering in one of her many organizations, she hosts a pod cast with a friend where they discuss issues of the day around similar topics. So, I was thrilled when she decided to join us at Lappolis, where she will be contributing in the areas of wellness, travel and womanhood. Read More →


Updated Book List

  • It’s important to keep renewing the mind so, we’ve updated the look and feel of our book list page, and more importantly, included more books, reflecting my book lists for 2013 and 2014.
  • We will look out for books that have inspired others and help lift them to new heights and put them on the site.
  • FYI: Most leaders and successful people read an average of 12 non-fiction books a year.
  • Check it out here…


Updated Recipes List


And Oh, I’m pregnant

  • I am in my fifth month now, so I invite you guys to join in on this journey
  • Lydia and Margaret have agreed to help me out with this:
    • Since Lydia lives close, we will be work out bodies
    • Margaret will help keep an eye on my diet.
  • More on this later…