[This post was written over a 3 months period reflecting how I felt about my body at different times, post-partum]



I find myself with a bit of a dilemma. After baby number three, my body is in a different state and I’m starting to learn it.

The natural thing is to want to loose weight and to work on getting the post baby body back to the pre-baby shape. But, I have no such inclinations. I find myself loving my current body. It’s curvier and more interesting (dear I say, more voluptuous), and I think my husband agrees. So, I have literally lost my motivation for eating well and working out.

I know, I know good nutrition and exercise are essentials for healthy living. And if you focus on the numbers, I do have a lot of work to do. I was left with an additional 10lbs from baby one, another 10 lbs from baby two and a whopping 20lbs from baby three. But, the fact is that for some reason, I’m loving my new body. So now, why should I eat right and exercise??? Seriously, I’m a little lost here…

Working out does make me feel good and I want to do more of what makes me feel good. Can I be motivated to work out for that reason alone?? I’ll try a few things and see how I feel.

Psst, a personal secret..

An interesting phenomenon happens to me when I’m pregnant. Once my belly starts to pop out I feel super sexy with myself. I’m more open to taking risqué photos, I flaunt around in bikinis and just do things I’m too self-critical to do otherwise.

It’s like as a regular person, you have no excuses for the lumps and bumps in your figure. But, as a pregnant woman, you have the best excuse in the world and the bulging belly actually smoothens out all the lumps and bumps into one big justified, beautiful, bump.



Holly crap! Nothing fits.

I didn’t realize I had been lounging in maternity cloths all this time. Now that I have to get into regular people clothing, nothing in my closet is working. My body and size have changed.

Shopping for new work cloths then. Problem solved, fun times!



What? I have to go to church, to a wedding, a reception? Didn’t realize that I had been avoiding events I had to dress up for. Party cloths are expensive and, gosh! Nothing fits. I see why a slice of cake every night may have been a bad idea. No matter how in love with my curves I am, I don’t want to have to buy a whole new closet or avoid occasions.

To be honest, my curves are also progressing from voluptuous to plain old fat. My husband has been encouraging me to go to the gym, what does he mean???

Now, it’s becoming harder to go to the bathroom, even… (TMI). How bad really is my diet?

I think it’s finally time to take action. I’ve definitely found my motivationssss now, lol.



I may need to actually go on a diet, which I have never done successfully. I eat well, but it’s usually by crowding out the bad food with good, not really depriving myself of anything I crave. As you can see from the pic below, I was trying to crowd out my craving for a Chocolate milkshake (best ever from BurgerFi) with a salad.

Balanced diet - Salad & Milkshake

Balanced diet – Salad & Milkshake

My friend sent me this diet, the eat your heart out diet. I like it cause it’s all food and I can eat as much as I want, just restricted on the specifics of what I can eat. This is important cause I’m still breast feeding and need to eat. It’s only for 7 days. I’ll see how I feel after that.

I know I will have to turn to my wonderful friends at USANA. I love, love, love USANA and their products. They have always worked wonders for me and my family. I’ll write a love letter to them in the next post. But, in the meantime, I need to find someone who’s running a weight and detox program that a lazy, undisciplined person like me can actually do.

I also need to remember all my long ignored daily habits that have contributed to my general wellness. I need to get disciplined again, doing things that are good for me, that are hard in the moment, but in the long run make me feel really good.


P.S – Am I eating a bag of potato chips while I write this post? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!


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