Well Lappolis, the weather is starting to get warm,the days are getting longer and of course it’s officially spring shopping season. Every year during this time , I tend to want to purge my closet and update my look.  I’ll explore new make up trends, change up my hair style and usually make  a couple  of trips to the mall as part of this process.  This spring I wanted to approach this yearly “rebirth” ritual of sorts that I have with a new attitude. I’ve been working on ways to look put together while being more budget conscious. I’ve never been that much of a big spender, but realized I could do more to really make my dollars stretch by adopting the 5 tips that I have posted below. I hope you enjoy reading these practical tips and as always leave your thoughts in the comments section and please share any “smart” shopping tips you have for this spring.


  • Shop your closet: Now what does this mean exactly? Literally I want you to try “shopping in your closet”. Every time I do this I always find something “new “. If you are like me and have way too many clothes, this is really easy to do because you have more to pull from. By cleaning out and organizing your closet, you will often discover old items you forgot about to create “new” looks. I personally get inspired during this process by looking at Instagram and other websites to get fashion inspiration.  After viewing fashion websites, I’ll get inspired to pair together items in my closet that I already own, but would have never thought to put together  on my own.


  • Consignment shop when you can: This is a great place to score unique pieces on items, including designer pieces, at a great piece. The bargain really is in the hunt and you score gently used and even brand new items. Another perk is that you can sell clothes you own but either no longer fit, you’ve never wore, and/or you no longer like at consignment stores. Stores such as Buffalo Exchange and Crossroad, which are national consignment chains, are a great place to sell or trade items. I’ve made over $50 in cash selling items that no longer work in my wardrobe.  I’ve also done trades where I sell items and get store credit to shop at these stores.  Recently, I used $15 I had in store credit at Crossroads to buy a fabulous clutch purse, tag still on, that is currently retailing for $110 bucks on Amazon.  Score!


  • Look for Make up “Dupes”: Now what is a dupe you ask”? According to urban dictionary.com a dupe means To duplicate an item in an online game and ruin the virtual economy while bringing virtual personal gain. Put simply, I think of it as finding a great substitute for an item that is usually double, or as I’ve found, even ten times the price.


There are awesome tutorials on You Tube for dupes for MAC products and several other department store brands. There are even great drugstore make up look tutorials online. I find that if a free five minute video on You Tube can lead to savings at the make up counter, I am all for it. I personally tend to keep it simple in the make up department but like to play with lip color the most so this is where I spend most of my “make up” money. Since lips are what I know best, here are three drugstore lip colors that look great for spring worth trying: Covergirl Queen Lipstick in Divine, Wet n Wild Lipstick in Mink Brown and Wet n Wild Lipstick in Ravin Raisin ( my fav J ). These lipsticks range as low as $0.99 to $8.00 at your local drugstore. I suggest when you see a department store make up item that you like, from now on do a search for a “dupe” online first.



  • Host a clothing “swap”: Full disclosure, I have not done this myself but have participated in a similar event on a smaller scale and thought the idea was really cool. I went to a women’s retreat which included a purse swap where everyone brought a cute purse they no longer wore and did an exchange with someone else. A spring clothing swap would be like this but more grand. You and/or a friend with hosting space would corral anywhere from 3 to 20 of your friends and bring clothes, shoes and other accessories that you would swap with others or sell for a low price (anywhere between $1 to $5) with the understanding anything left over would go to charity. This is  a great way to: motivate you to clean out your closet, get a new look for free or next to free, and donate to those in need.



  • Partake in “Virtual” Couponing: This takes a whole new spin on memories of your grandmother’s or mother’s (in my case) weekly couponing as a child. In this Internet age we have Groupon, Amazon Local, and Living Social just to name a few sites were you can get a good deal on almost anything. Part of my looking good for Spring which will eventually lead to summer, is whipping what I call my winter “hibernation body” back into shape. This has included gym memberships, personal training, and massages that I have scored at over half of the price by “virtual” couponing in the past. You can also find clothing, accessories, and even salon deals on these sites as well.


Consignment finds from head to toe. Earrings, dress, and shoes all for less than $20.

Consignment finds from head to toe. Earrings, dress, and shoes all for less than $20.