It has become a new tradition for me to associate a word to the new year. This started in 2010, which was the year of ‘Enlightenment’, learned a lot of new things, gained a lot of new perspectives. In 2011, it was the year of ‘Transpiration’, lots of movement, changes, shifts, moved across the country, had a new baby. In 2012, it was the year of ‘Elevation’ a higher level of enlightenment that changed the way I looked at everything. In 2013, the year of ‘Self, Family & Community’ became the year of new beginnings (Lappolis), based on the new ideas I had picked up.


2014, I labeled it the year of ‘Fulfillment’. It started out rough, for me, my family and a lot of people I know. The year before, my husband and I were sorta conflicted in what direction to go as a family, we finally decided and put things in motion in 2014. We though the decision of what direction to go in will be the hardest part, but the oddest things kept happening to get in our way.


We had to conjure up a significant amount of positive energy to overcome the amount of discouragement and obstacles we were encountering. Imagine a river that has been blocked by a wall of heavy rocks. Imagine the amount of water and pressure needed to push through those rocks. But, we did it, we finally pushed through that wall. Now, we are on the other side, and are on the move.


The amount of force required to break down that wall and push through and overcome will be creating a tremendous flood in 2015.


Word(s) of the year

The flood will be “FIERCE”. The positive force we have generated is not only pushing down the wall for 2014, but we are fiercely going to push down everything in our way in 2015. We are going to push down our fears, or limitations, our limiting thoughts, our vices and we are going to conquer. This year, we are going to be “FIERCE”!


The flood will also be bringing “ABUNDANCE”. There will be an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, success and everything good in 2015.


As I thought of all this listening to Beyoncé and a host of feminist music, this was the image I saw on the subway:




It’s a scene of mutiny on a slave ship where the slaves are slaying their captors.


So I ask, in the spirit of being “FIERCE”, what slave masters do you want to “SLAY” in your life? Where do you want to slay it? Do you want to slay in the boardroom, in your health, in an industry, in the kitchen or even in the bedroom? Where in your life do you want to slay it this year? What captor(s) do you want to be set free from?


This is the year, to let it go. This is the year to set yourself free, this is the year to be all you can be, do all you can, and live the best life possible.


To recap

Our state of mind, FIERCE.

Our actions, SLAY.

Our result, ABUNDANCE.



Happy 2015! To the best year yet!