Myself and my little man Kunmi.

Nani Courten

I am a working professional, wife and mother who started on a journey to living a healthier, more balanced and holistic life. Through the challenges I face, I’m discovering how to do that everyday. My goal is to be of service by sharing my stories. I hope to support and inspire those already on their way to better wellness, and to encourage others to join in and start on their own paths, together building a community in our quest to “living our best lives…”
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Margaret Towolawi

I’m Dr. Margaret Towolawi, a Seattle based family physician originally from Los Angeles, California. I will be contributing in the areas of Nutrition & Exercise and will feature nutrition tips and facts, recipes, fitness ideas, and more. One of my personal mantras is “Live the life you imagined!” which makes Lappolis a great fit for me. I also firmly believe that food can be the best medicine. I enjoys trying new recipes, being active, traveling, live music and spending time with friends and family.
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Lydia Nylander

My name is Lydia Nylander. I was born and raised in London and am of Sierra Leonean parentage. I moved to the US as the first stop in my quest to crisscross the world, living and working globally. Twelve years later I’m still here. But, no fear, I have traded in uprooting every 5 years for fabulous traveling adventures. I approach my health and wellness with an excited curiosity – Finding a new core routine or a blend of essential oils that works with my combination skin, fills me with satisfaction. Sharing my finds with friends and now the Lappolis community will be a unique pleasure.
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