Welcome to Lappolis!

A blog about my wellness journey. I am a working professional, wife and mother who started on a journey to living a healthier, more balanced and holistic life. Through the challenges I face, I’m discovering how to do that everyday. My goal is to be of service by sharing my stories. I hope to support and inspire those already on their way to better wellness, and to encourage others to join in and start on their own paths, together building a community in our quest to “living our best lives…”


Why read?

As I learn and try new things, I’ll share what I’m working on, successes, failures, recipes, contemplations, discoveries and ah-ha moments. My focus will be on incorporating better habits into my current lifestyle and making aspects of it more efficient. I’ll be investigating and discussing wellness topics. I’ll also be profiling people who have something in the wellness space to share and perspectives we could learn from. I’ll also review books in relation to wellness and provide an ongoing book list, for those that like to read or listen to audio books, like me :).


Why “Lappolis”?

An obvious question you may be asking is why we chose the name “Lappolis” and what does it mean. “Lap” represented “support, a place, or situation of rest and nurture”. “Polis”, according to Wikipedia, literally means “city” in Greek. It could also mean “citizenship” and body of citizens.  We chose, “Lappolis” because it connotes “support” and the idea of building community. We are building a supportive and nurturing online community that we can serve in the wellness space.


Please check in on us “every week” for great content


You can read a little more about the author here: Nani Courten